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43 New Years Resolutions that support Narcissistic Abuse recovery

Are you looking for ideas for New Year’s Resolutions to make that will assist you with Narcissistic Abuse recovery? Here’s a list of springboard ideas with phrases to mull over and decide if they might be a linguistic or energetic pro-social fit.

Let everyone else worry about things like what they look like externally. Keep your focus on making your interior thoughts and emotional sensations as profound, socially supportive, and as healthful as possible!

The following is a handful of our own team’s personal New Year’s Resolutions from decades and years past that are still being consistently used in the present:

  • I no longer choose to socially associate with people who lie to me or about me.
  • I seek validation from myself and from others of like mind rather than from any peer group or a person who harmed or mistreated me.
  • I resolve to stand my ground rather than to avoid unpleasant or difficult social situations.
  • Be more mindful about what is and what is not my personal or actual life problem to deal with; differentiate myself from my family and from other groups and individuals — especially from those who esteem codependency rather than collaborative ethics.
  • Strive to remain more gray rock in every social setting or situation that feels problematic or produces anxiety.
  • Keep things in a more realistic perspective in order to stave away Cognitive Dissonance.
  • Remember people are who they are when they are at their worst; if their worst behavior is unacceptable to endure or to tolerate because it’s abusive rather than frail, I will allow myself to end social and emotional enmeshment with “the relationship” — while reminding myself that I am not obligated socially or emotionally to live in their idea of an anti-social jail.
  • Walk away from any situation where someone is lying once the lie is discovered; refuse to resume conversation without anxiety with any willful truth bender or overt gaslighter.
  • Set aside time each day for at least 10 minutes or more of time for myself.
  • Do one new thing each week that tests my limits or pushes my emotional and or psychological boundaries.
  • Just say NO more often to toxic thinking or to other people who are demanding performance from me unrealistically or without considering the impact on my personal life and physicality that they are asking.
  • Just say YES more often to healthy activity.
  • Talk to at least one new person I have never had a conversation with every week; allow store tellers and random strangers I speak with in passing to absolutely count.
  • Take more walks — no less than one additional walk per week around a store, in my neighborhood, or inside my own home by creating a walking path to increase my level of physical activity.
  • Take at least one Epsom salt bath or more per week — with 3-5 hours of soaking each week being the eventual goal to keep my body feeling loved, cared for, relaxed, and healthy.
  • Stop being afraid to watch the news; make a point to self-educate about current events happening in the real world and the community. Fear Mongering news stations or untrustworthy news sources using logical fallacy arguments to confuse the general population are to be openly challenged and their broadcast materials avoided.
  • Vote my conscience — never my fear base or my wallet.
  • Write more letters, emails, and personal messages.
  • Click like on at least 10 articles posted by friends or family every day in order to be a friend and their social support.
  • Share at least one Narcissistic Abuse recovery article that I found personally helpful every week — more if I can without flooding my feed.
  • Remember life is a balance — take time for Narcissistic Abuse recovery daily as well as for self-care and pro-social activities.
  • Read a Narcissistic Abuse recovery article every day to assist myself with recovery while expanding my self-help knowledge bank.
  • Join a Narcissistic Abuse recovery support group on Social Media to listen intently and look for patterns in other people’s relationships and life history of thinking that resemble my own in order to compare and contrast and free myself from Stockholm Syndrome.
  • Be more ruthless about self-analyzation; avoid all caustic use of words used by anyone abusive, misguided, or foolish to describe myself and past behavioral choices.
  • Be more compassionate with myself; forgive myself for not knowing things someone gaslighting and abusing my hospitality intentionally failed to accurately tell me.
  • Allow myself permission to be happy — especially on days where finding things like happiness and joy are difficult or vexing.
  • Re-frame codependency inspiring NLP with collaborative language; then, proceed.
  • Call your family less or more as it’s socially appropriate based on the needs of my own neurobiology. Some family members might need to be called more. Other family members or units may need to be shunted off to a position of low to no contact depending on my individual needs and personal circumstances.
  • Make my own health rather than everyone else’s my first priority.
  • PEMDAS better when it comes to thinking through life with regard to what matters.
  • Declutter my home, my heart, and my mind more effectively each week of my life than I have in the past.
  • Cut myself more emotional slack — meaning give myself time to emotionally process.
  • Stay home more often like I am visiting a destination and give myself permission to actually physically enjoy it.
  • Read a new article every day about how to cope with or to overcome C-PTSD.
  • Take a class whether there’s any professional payoff at the end or not.
  • Paint at least monthly.
  • Draw something at least weekly — especially doodles.
  • Write daily — abuse journal, social communication, diary, academic work, something that keeps you using your brain in such a way that your mind power expands and your neuroplasticity improves with task-based pro-social use.
  • Smile more often — especially whenever I happen to look in the mirror.
  • Do mirror work daily — say things like hello, nice to see you today, and goodnight or good morning.
  • Remember I have survived 100% of my bad days thus far anytime I get anxious or worried that I don’t know how to survive any social reality, turn of life events, or setting.
  • Talk to my inner child more like my inner little one is a person who is fundamentally perfect as a spiritual being who requires a mentor through in-body experiences.
  • Every Narcissistic Abuse recovery ah-ha moment I have, write it down or make a video to share the reminder with at least two other people in addition to my current as well as future revisiting self.
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What happens to Narcissists in the end

We are all who and what we decide to be. Be the change you want to see.

When making any New Years Resolution, always remember you are programming your own NLP.

If you are not familiar yet with the term, it refers to Neurolinguistic Programming — meaning the language that is used to program our brains related to conceptions of self and social stimuli.

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