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Somatic Narcissism, This Just In

Somatic Narcissists are seldom in touch with their own logic or emotions

Somatic Narcissists are seldom (if ever) in touch with their own logic or emotions. By failing to develop their emotional intelligence when they are young and throughout their adulthood, they create neurological repression of anatomical emotion in such a way that their personality ends up being socially and emotionally handicapped.

If you decide to pursue a personal, professional, and or romantic relationship with a Somatic Narcissist, he’s just a small sampling of what you can expect.

The Somatic Narcissist — depending on their cultural affiliations — will always care more about things like social appearance than they ever do about truth or reality. Their fantasy life and desire to be worshipped and copied for their grandiosity is what it is — the fundamental behavior platform that defines them medically and socially as shallow, egocentric, and Somatic by character.

Their everpresent level of quiet disdain for others and smugness tends to permeate every conversation or social exchange in which they are involved. Superiority is their obsession — constantly socially competing with people who are like themselves as well as with everyone else on the planet who couldn’t care less about their personal or Somatic subjective opinion.

Self-Absorption drives these people. Everything they do in life is calculated to make them the center of attention.

Somatic Narcissists, unless they are seriously introverted by nature or socially anxious after experiencing a humiliating social event, tend to be outgoing and extroverted. Whatever it takes to make sure their appearance is kept.

Expect a lack of empathy towards other people from them that will make your skin literally crawl if you are a person who possesses high levels of emotional intelligence.

If your EQ is functional and your IQ is working, it’s hard to pretend or to overlook the very real medical fact that each time Somatic Narcissists focus on trivial matters they weaken their own brain and compromise their own neurological ability to functionally be able to physically process complex emotion.

Passive-Aggressiveness. Lordy — you end up hoping there are tapes but never wanting to physically see them or to hear them again for yourself.

Highly Sensitive? No. High Maintenance.

Highly sensitive people tend to be incredibly empathic and to energetically take on the feeling and emotions of the people they are closest to physically in such a way that the HSP person can physically feel whatever undercurrent is going on with or around the other person. …

People groomed to enable who have been taught to conflate the concept of being highly sensitive — meaning astute emotionally and in tune with energies that influence all bodies — with being a high maintenance or an unpleasable person. This does themselves and everyone else a social disservice by gaslighting themselves into thinking that being rude and persnickety and demanding to the point of irrationality means someone is somehow blessed with or gifted with “emotional in-tune-ment”.

Connect the Dots
Repeating a lie does not make Gaslighting true

Every Somatic Narcissist who finds themselves questioned by a groomed and profoundly gaslit enabler about whether or not they are acting eccentric or if they are simply being abusive will be the first person to tell you about how they don’t care about your opinion. The nonsensical Somatic claim they don’t care is typically followed up by some sort of hasty and poorly conceived story they make up on the spot about themselves being some kind of profoundly misunderstood or smeared person.

Here’s the thing…

The “Misunderstood Special Person” … the same person who spent the bulk of their years in body on earth socially competing with other people to the point of destroying themselves and their loved ones by manufacturing seemingly endless social, personal, professional, and physical strife while they sit about concocting schemes to compete with the Joneses while burying the ex-husband or first wife is the person telling you now with crocodile tears in their eyes why you have misunderstood who they are and failed to realize your rightful place.

Namely, under their shoe, stuck like old dirty gum.

Impersonal and difficult personal, professional, and romantic relationships are common for Somatic Narcissists. They tend to aspire to collect people for their Harem — never realizing that the only types of humans who are attracted to that sort of position tend to be profoundly codependent and at bare minimum socially competitive and thinking tolerating abuse or enabling abusers is the way to get ahead in life.

Enablers love to play Sycophant to Somatic Narcissists. By promising them a mix of social and fiscal and or romantic perks if they stick around. keep calling, and keep showing up when and if the Somatic Narcissist bellows, the Machiavellian social predator uses things like gaslighting remarks, false compliments, and promising people the moon back in exchange for showing them loyalty.

The problem with that is to a Beta and aspiring social predator seeking to use a Somatic Narcissist like a means to their own personal ends, loyalty is just a word they conflate with the term “Mercenary” and substitute the definition in their head.

Somatic Narcissists act like the Nekkid Emperor.

The little ones expect to be complimented and endlessly socially indulged when they exhibit manipulative or bullying behavior. They want to be lauded for making people feel like absolute crap about themselves for not being as whatever as the Somatic Narcissist presents themselves.

Somatic Narcissists compete for social status non-stop. What matters is if the house is clean and ready for Architectural Digest photographers to show up, the right cars are in the driveway or in the three-plus car garage, that the guard gates to their neighborhood are secured and security staff manned to keep the riff-raff away, and what everyone looks like morning, noon, and night regardless of what they do or do not have to do for social or professional reasons that day.

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Co-Parenting with a Narcissist or Dark Triad

Everything is about looks — appearance needing to be exactly to specs to impress whatever peer group they esteem. Some will fixate on wearing pink and green while others will fly fish or wear the appropriate assortment of trucker hats.

Why take time out to reflect about the state of society or a marriage when there is ironing to be done or someone is wearing just the right brand of madras plaid shorts to the Country Club for Mimosas or Bloody Mary’s by the pool? The right clothing at the proper event will matter more than who’s in the duds.

Kids parented by Somatic Narcissists typically tend to report being helicopter parented about things like how they appear in public while being simultaneously profoundly underparented morally as well as with regard to the development of life skills. They report being sent to all the “right” extracurricular activities and school systems to make their parent look good — seldom every reporting they felt loved, liked as they were as children, or truly loved and accepted “as is” once they become adults.

[Please take the time to verify the aforementioned claim about how children of Somatic Narcissists feel someday for yourself.]

People who spend time thinking about things like the quality of their relationships or about the human condition for all, in the Somatic Narcissists’ minds, are nothing more than Snowflakes and utterly socially useless-to-them fools. They will keep you around only to give them money, self-sacrificing submissive service in exchange for breadcrumbs of affection, and to use you socially for as long as you continue to meet their grandiose need to abuse other people’s hospitality.

Knowing that the more Somatic the person is the more likely they are to view other people as subhumans can help any prospective target or preferred scapegoat they ridicule and mark for social exclusion.

Going low contact with a Somatic Narcissist won’t bother them a bit… unless you decide to seek social support from others and you admit in public to being estranged from your family.

See the inherent problem with their social as well as emotional logic?

They don’t miss you when you are away or feel your absence in a way that makes them reconsider their behavior. The Somatic Narcissist only cares about things like the appearance of the family.

It’s why so many of them marry once and go to their graves having spent their life paired with an unloving, antagonistic, or self-serving mate. Just so they can pretend that because they are married they are loved, liked by their family members, and socially supported in an emotional rather than strictly fiscal based, only social appearance way.

The more Somatic the person the more socially competitive.

Be wary — Somatic Narcissists, the more they are enabled to mistreat others and to pursue gluttonous social as well as fiscal aims, are likely to become senior citizens who do things like write children and romantic partners who they promised would inherit in exchange for overlooking or enduring their terrible behavior in life at the last minute out of wills.

Connect the Dots
Malignant Narcissists use their own social insecurity as justification to bully

They also tend to say some of the most socially abusive and undermining things to their caregivers and loved ones who were kind to them when they are on their death bed while praising the people who abandoned them for their social prowess if they were also egocentric, vain, and emotionally gluttonous just like them.

Ask any People Pleaser child of a Somatic Narcissist what they are likely to be like as parents in general, as friends, as business partners, as a role model for a romantic relationship, or when they age to figure out the gist of what such types of people they are — understanding that the meanest boys and girls in grade school and high school who had the richest parents are the most likely type to have been groomed to be socially and emotionally competitive. As they age they get better at hiding who they situationally abuse, not nicer or in any way less socially competitive or more mature.

Realizing that Biff and Missy at the country club might play the part of Barbie and Ken on the surface but that they go home to McMansions filled with arguing or silence can help you avoid the desire to seek to emulate their social behaviors. Put down the designer garment and do something nice for yourself neurologically by reading a book like “Little Women” to help spiritually and mentally to realign your moral compass related to material possessions and say a little prayer they find happiness in life for themselves elsewhere, those Somatic Narcissists.

To lose the interest of one if you have been targeted by them for social acquisition or due to their own Narcissistic Rivalry, be as boring and uninteresting to them as you can physically muster.

Then, wait.

One thing Somatic Narcissists never have is a long attention span. Shiny Objects — which, in their EQ disabled minds — are people and things.

Be neither when and if you actually physically aspire to be greater.

And whatever you do, refuse to allow them to triangulate your social interest in or affection for others.

Somatic Narcissists want you as their possession.

No Smiegel wants to share the ring with a Hobbit. Let alone with a wizard.

Let them have whatever they think is their precious. Keep the focus on yourself and on more pro-social ways of thinking and acting than esteeming people who are interesting until they open their mouths and something resembling attempts to communicate about their greatness starts to come out.

Plato's Stunt Double

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