Bandwagon Effect

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Jumping on the bandwagon to support a cause, person, or political position without doing your own research on an issue is the fastest way to become a Flying Monkey. Jumping on the bandwagon is a form of mobbing, a group bullying tactic many narcissistic people use to manipulate.

A perfect example of how and why people who help create a BANDWAGON EFFECT hurts so many targets and collateral damage victims so easily can be summed up as follows.

As one Narcissistic Abuse victim abused socially and emotionally targeted directly by a Cluster B predator puts it, “The more people he convinces that I’m crazy or a liar, the more likely it is that more people will follow. No matter how wrong they are, people are going to follow the crowd with the idea that it must be the right way to go.

Sadly, this is one of the ways a narcissist creates a false reputation for us. The more people who believe the lies, the more the lies are accepted as truth.”

Another example is people signing the 2016 pledge to boycott Target stores who believe they are somehow protecting their female children.

The boycott was started by a hate group known as the  American Family Association — a social terror organization whose supporters have a great deal in common with the KKK only rather than specializing in targeting people by skin color for social persecution and emotional destruction, they openly and actively target liberal voters, transgendered people, and anyone who even remotely supports or self-identifies with gays.

Are all the people boycotting Target openly anti-homosexual? No. But their xenophobia and homophobia predisposition them psychologically to be quickly, easily, and emotionally swayed into backing the hate speech group and creating an ambient abuse environment for all people who are LGBT or who have LGBT family members living in or traveling through the United States.

Sadly, regardless of their reason for supporting the boycott of the transgender-friendly corporation, their names are now likely to be on Homeland Security radar as potential terrorists as people friendly to the cause, noting they are morally no different than people who turned a blind eye to the social persecution of Jews in the early 20th century German Nazi state.


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