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ALANON (also known as Al-Anon or Alanon) is a community based social support group for the spouses, love interests, friends, family members, and children of people who abuse alcohol or are alcoholics. The groups tend to support individuals whose loved ones are involved with Alcoholics Anonymous programs, but there are many who attend whose person of interest is actively drinking or partying regularly.

Offering validation of emotional and psychological abuse claims to victims as well as the opportunity to make friends with people who simply understand where you are coming from when and if a person in your life struggles with addictions issues, the meetings can provide not only an excuse to get out of the house and away from a toxic home environment for a while but also give Narcissistic Abuse victims the opportunity to share their knowledge about Cluster B personality types while doing their own psychology research about whether the alcoholic in their own life can every truly functionally reform.

According to their national website, “Since its founding in 1951, Al‑Anon Family Groups has published more than 100 books and pamphlets that share a single purpose: to help family and friends recover from the effects of someone else’s drinking. This literature supplements the face-to-face meetings where Al‑Anon members share their insights and experiences with each other.”

If and when Narcissistic Abuse victims elect to read the literature, be mindful that most of it is or was written with the intent to essentially minister intellectually to the broadest audience.

As such, generic coping advice presented within the body of literature oftentimes will be aimed to support a person who is struggling with another person’s alcoholism — not at all with them being physically at risk of being socially targeted for public destruction or at substantial physical risk of being brutalized, toyed with emotionally by a master manipulator, physically abused, sexually accosted or molested, or any of the other typical patterns of domestic abuse or domestic violence common in households with a resident Cluster B predator.

With that said, however, due to the epidemic rise of Narcissistic and Anti-Social Personality disorders around the world and dutifully psychologically noting that Cluster B people are pack animals by nature, it is more than likely at least one in every 10 or so people you do meet in a meeting is either a Covert Narcissist or they themselves come from an entire family of narcissistic, arguably narcopathic individuals.

If you are looking to study the side effects of what one person’s personality disorder can do to an entire family unit, look no further than your local ALANON meeting.

Ignore their generic advice to strive to keep the family together, noting that if a person has a seriously toxic personality disorder that is considered untreatable by most psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and mental health professionals that staying together for the sake of the children or in order to save your loved one is actually the opposite advice from that you should be taking and you can truly learn a great deal about interpersonal relationship styles and domestic abuse by simply attending.

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