Personality traits of Serial Cheaters
Serial Cheating, This Just In

Common personality traits of Serial Cheaters

Serial Cheaters all tend to have common personality traits. Learning how to spot the red flags that someone is a Love Fraud con-artist can help save you time and tremendous romantic heartache when and if you heed the warnings and choose to actively avoid any romantic intrigue with charming but sexually untrustworthy people.

Narcissism — a nurtured believe that a person can act in ways that are socially egocentric to the point that their needs and desires are presented as something more important to indulge than the highest and greatest common good of a group — is the first major red flag a person is likely to treat their love interests like means without valuing them as people.

Always seeking to surround themselves with Sycophants and their Narcissistic Harem of devoted Flying Monkeys as well as with devout Enablers, the Narcissist enabled to act as a social predator tends to decide that whatever sexual whim, need, or desire they have is something they are entitled to self-indulge without care or concern for how doing so will impact not only the person they cheat on but also the people they cheat with.

Serial Cheaters tend to be grossly self-absorbed and into playing mind games socially and emotionally with others in order to prove they are clever. They believe betraying someone’s trust and hospitality and not being caught is exciting sexually and socially to do — making them “Winners” with Tiger Blood in their own mind.

Their self-absorption leads the Serial Cheater to make terrible errors of grandiose projection — presuming that because Cluster B mistresses and down low male paramours find them attractive sexually and socially that kind people are likely to be drawn to them as well. As they age, they hear only the people who are impressed by socially violent behavior cheering them on to cheat and to mistreat their “less than significant in their minds” others.

Serial Cheaters tend to neurologically lack the physical ability to process complex emotions in such a way that is normal, pro-social, self-reflective capable, and neurologically healthy. They feel thrilled cheating — despite having an intellectual knowledge and grasp of the fact what they are doing is deemed by society in most cases to be profoundly dysfunctional at best… if not outright socially, physically, and morally wrong.

Common personality traits of serial cheaters include a lack of conscience, an inability to process complex emotion, and a desire to dominate and or to socially control other people’s emotions using a blend of physicality and gaslighting to achieve their own anti-social and perverse aims.

Gaslighting and pathological lying are common symptoms of people who are Serial Cheaters by nature.

They can look you right in the face and tell you lies and gaslighting spin over and over as if it were true knowing full well they are lying and abusing your time, hospitality, and trust.

They will risk your life and sexual health as well as your personal and most intimate levels of self-esteem without a care or concern for the damage to you and to your body and mind their lies and socially violent behavior causes.

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The serial cheating personality type is what it is. Monstrous to the core, rooted deeply into their psychology that they are socially and emotionally entitled to be playing some sort of game with other people’s lives, health, minds, and reality.

They are jealous of any time or attention you spend with others. They want you to feel threatened by their interest in other people and terrified to your core they may leave you for another.

Constantly accusing their victims who dare to have the audacity to question them when and if they are gaslighting of being socially competitive, immature, socially irrational, and morally confused, they reveal their own ground game. The predator, solely interested in obscuring reality from their prey, is likely to engage in so much projection it’s literally impossible not to understand by listening to them talk how profoundly distorted their perception of social reality is.

Because they lack physical EQ, their IQ ends up missing the mark on social reality with alarming frequency… typically leading the socially competitive thinker to do things like perceiving a need to strive to manufacture social competition between themselves and other individuals and between target others marked for triangulation or social alienation when there is none.

Nothing ever seems to please the socially and emotionally and sexually gluttonous social predator. The Love Fraud con artist spends their life getting other people to do things like compromise their morals and values to please them. If and when a person tries to please a sexual predator, expect them to always be seeking the next level of a high using people like objects or means to satisfy.

Gluttonous behavior is common in Serial Cheaters. They hoard people the same way they glom on to grab piles of money.

Always looking for the next big thing — that’s their MO. If they marry a trophy bride when she’s twenty, expect the serial cheater to threaten to trade her in for two twenties again on the side or in public after they discard the first wife when and if she physically stays with them until she’s 40.

Expect them to constantly be on the prowl and prone to flirting. Not to have a nice time in the company with other people who they compliment and like. We’re talking full-on, “If I was not married I’d…” dot dot dot type of baiting someone outside their relationship to interlope or to meddle.

Serial Cheaters are profoundly codependent and insecure but they don’t want anyone to know it. Most of them are actually stupid enough emotionally and socially to believe they are more attractive to other human beings sexually because they have the ability to cheat.

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News flash — we all do. Some of us have a desire to be able to look our mate in the eye and to tell them we would not hurt them by doing anything egocentric and socially distasteful like that because it would make us into terrible people. People we don’t aspire to be like or to emulate.

Only Cluster B people think doing something like cheating on a spouse or destroying someone else’s marriage and sexual self-confidence makes them somehow socially and emotionally successful and or sexually and romantically desirable people as prospective or actualized mates.

The Serial Cheater depends on the attention of those they betray to get their fix. Whoever they are cheating on their primary mate with is nothing more than successfully recruited Narcissistic Supply — a means, not an end in themselves or anyone who personally matters at any time.

By making sure there is always a line behind a Beta Mate waiting to take their position as the public mate of the Alpha social predator, the Ride-or-Die person and any fixture like side pieces develop a social structural hierarchy of behavior that turns any romantic feelings that are rooted in something loving into nothing more than a ritualized trauma bonding tactic fueled joke.

Cheaters tend to be thrill-seekers addicted to things like actively engaging in high-risk behaviors. They tend to also have an affection for hyperadrenalizing themselves for self-stimulating pleasure.

Ever watch a serial cheater flirt with someone behind the back of a spouse while the spouse is in the room?

Ever had someone married to someone else give you all the signs that if you want to sex them up that you can?

Ever have one of them walk by and leer — or pretend they are leaning up against you or brushing their hand against you on some part of your body like your tush innocently rather than with lascivious intent in their heart?

Ever find yourself pitted against another person for the romantic or social affection of someone who cannot seem to make up their mind about who they are dating or where their romantic and physical sexual loyalties lie?

Realizing moral insanity is what they aspire to act out and for you, as their enabler being cheated on, to live through. If your partner cheated on a former love interest and bragged about how they did it, that they did it, or they talk about what a wonderful time they had while they were cheating — massive red flag. Run, Forrest, run… because chances are you have no earthly idea that all that person is peddling you romantically is the opportunity to be their mark targeted for more ritualized trauma bonding.

All Serial Cheaters have an emotionally and socially distorted picture of reality running the playbook of game rules full time in their head. The problem is that healthy people never compete for other people’s affection… and by and large, no healthy person has an interest in romantically pairing with a sneak, a con-artist, or a player.

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Cheaters oftentimes play out social behaviors they witnessed the adults during their childhood acting out in front of them.

If someone like a father, a mother, or a grandparent was a serial cheater or they had an affair with, say, an unwanted child as a consequence of their pursuit of emotionally hedonistic and sexual folly, understand the impact on the life of the child who witnessed garish behavior is likely to be lifelong on them and on anyone that child eventually romantically impacts by mistreating them or by engaging in forms of social or romantic betrayal.

The idea that if you cheat on your mate you can’t hold it against Daddy Issues creator for cheating on Mommy… or that Mommy Dearest cannot be held socially responsible for cheating on Dad if he’s Mister Nice Guy all the time and nothing more to her than what he brings home as a walking paycheck or bank… tends to form the irrational impulse to act badly to level the emotional playing field.

People exposed to adults who cheat or who do things like swing while conning a mate into believing they are not cheating when they are far too little to understand the social dysfunctional dynamics are the most likely types to repeat the same mistakes and sins of their parents and grandparents when they grow up if they fail to self-educate and allow themselves to run on some kind of mindless, anti-social and profoundly destructive auto-pilot.

Serial Cheaters will be the first to blurt gaslighting and projection remarks that everyone cheats. Or to tell you that if they do not that they secretly want to… or that you and everyone they choose to harm or to betray are likely to covertly esteem them and all other people like them who betray and socially prey upon their mates.

The takeaway is that Serial Cheaters are likely to be Cluster B people who have been nurtured to feel pleasure and sensations of excitement socially and sexually at the idea of harming, betraying, and risking the life and emotional health of the people who show them the most hospitality. Realizing what that means from a forensic psychology standpoint about them can save your life and your health.

You don’t have to tolerate the social and emotional abuse of your trust and your body by a cheater. Seriously. You don’t have to live that way — tolerating being treated as if you are some kind of used object.

If someone lies to you or about you once or they seek to triangulate you romantically with real or imaginary parties… end the romance.

The person in question doing the manipulating is not socially or neurologically more than likely capable of improving their egocentric nature or behaviors.

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