Covert Narcissism
Covert Narcissism, This Just In

Narcissistic people fancy themselves as Puppet Master pulling strings

People who have narcissistic personalities constantly blame-shift while striving to further embarrass, upset, inconvenience, or humiliate their victims. They could care less about other people’s feelings except they seem to delight in knowing trigger issues in order to exploit them. Pretending they are a puppet master who excels at pulling people’s strings. “Dance, puppet… dance!” is all you should hear no matter what they are saying when you sense they are on the hunt for a narcissistic supply source to torture in order to eliminate their own stress by acting sadistically towards others in an attempt to stimulate their own pleasure centers while alleviating boredom.

Psychology Today calls Narcissistic people “Social Puppeteers”. The website notes, “At some point in our lives we have all been taken advantage of emotionally, physically, psychologically, or perhaps even financially. These events are painful, even devastating, and fortunately, for most of us, these encounters are infrequent. Sometimes there are relationships that unfortunately last far too long for our own well-being, where we are repeatedly taken advantage of and made to feel as if we are mere puppets – controlled and manipulated.”

People who tolerate Narcissistic Abuse like covert manipulation, domestic violence, or the social, emotional, and financial abuse of a target, are not being virtuous. They are not acting as proper role models. What they are is guilty of enabling and vicariously deriving pleasure from aiding in the sadistic torment of people being victimized by an intolerant and ultimately self-centered and bullish, intimidating aggressor.

They are guilty of #Mobbing. And schoolyard bullying.

[No schoolyard necessary.]

And by pop culture-inspired psychiatric definition they willingly sign up to join the Flying Monkey Army of the Circus Monkey ring leader.

About narcissistic and/or toxic personality types, Psychology Today also has this to say:

The self-centered, self-absorbed narcissist needs an adoring audience to fawn over them – ever pliant. There is no shortage of these individuals, including those who will fall for them and whatever it is they are peddling. Whether it is a new way of doing business (think Enron), a new religion (think Jonestown, Guyana), or a superior empire (Third Reich). The self-centered/narcissistic personality needs a willing audience to manipulate, no matter how small, so long as they are blindly obedient and deferential. As such, the narcissist often chooses a profession, guild, organization, occupation, or a job where he or she can manipulate others or the system like a puppeteer. Through their words and actions, intended to impress and seduce, they control lives, thoughts, and perceptions to achieve their objective.

There is no truth other than Narcissism as an identified disorder. Narcissistic people learn to imitate emotion and copycat lifestyle habits, nothing more. Persistently lost in their own drive to sate selfish and impulsive desires, the card-carrying Narcissist or Narcopath can do nothing other than pretend to be something they are fundamentally not — namely speaking, emotionally intelligent.

Connect the Dots
There's always something to be thankful for in Narcissistic Abuse recovery

No matter how old a Narcissistic person gets, they act with the common sense logic of a tantruming toddler. People who have Borderline Personality Disorder are guilty of pitching the most routine fits for attention, but Narcissists… man. When they imagine someone has deliberately done something to offend or inconvenience them, the “Narcissistic Injury” they perceive from the imaginary (or real) offense is always a stage five nuclear family disaster.

Collateral damage victims will all be harmed by a Narcissistic Rage attack. Children who witness their parent’s language choices and see bad behavior learn how to emotionally respond or react with a sense of entitlement (if they are domineering) or how to avoid wrath by enabling (if they are more passive-aggressive or self-centered).

One thing is common to all people with Covert Narcissist or situationally abusive temperaments…

Whether they have mild or extreme Cluster B personality disorder symptoms, all behave egocentrically with a pervasive sense of “Entitlement” — thinking that interfering in other people’s lives or manipulating for personal gain at the expense of others is in some way something they are entitled to do without any moral, social, or emotional culpability.

Don’t give in to their compulsive attention-seeking. Go gray rock and no contact as soon as you recognize the red flags and warning signs that a person has a toxic personality. Cut the psychic manipulation cords the Puppet Master has cleverly engineers to bind your mind, body, and soul to them by allowing yourself permission to detach, heal, and grieve the loss of the person they pretended to be when you first met them (if your abuser is or was a romantic partner) or forgive them in general for having a toxic personality disorder if and when they are an unavoidable boss, co-worker, neighbor, or family member.

Depersonalizing abuse while reading daily reminders about mind control, brainwashing, C-PSTD recovery, and warning signs can help Narcissistic Abuse victims learn how to spot dangerous, manipulative, or controlling people. Education about personality disorder symptoms is key to learning how to compartmentalize social and emotional events in their proper context.

If you have been manipulated by a Narcissist or any person who exhibits anti-social or abusive traits, stop beating yourself up for it. At the time you got involved, you more than likely had no idea what you were in for getting involved with a person who had all the charisma and fascinating dysfunction in the world to rescue.

Connect the Dots
How to spot a person with a toxic personality disorder

Now that you know better, choose to make different decisions.

Setting healthy boundaries about the kind of people you wish to allow into your home and the sort of personalities that you prefer to surround yourself with is not acting like a holier-than-thou prince or princess. It’s prudent.

Ain’t nobody in the 21st century got time to be dealing with a covert or overt Narcissist — or any of their mind-numbing circular arguments that waste colossal amounts of time and energy. Spending any social or emotional time whatsoever indulging a Narcissist’s need for attention gets participants only one thing…

Victimized FAST.

Plato's Stunt Double

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