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Whistleblowers ostracized, exiled, or punished for revealing abuse

Whistleblowers are routinely treated like crap for exposing duplicity and revealing abuse. It is totally common for a whistleblower to report feeling or having been ostracized, exiled, or punished for coming forward with ethical, honest intent about situational abuse or anything clandestine related to their own or another person’s social activities that tend to happen behind closed doors or the safe protection of the metaphoric familial “Iron Curtain”.

That does not mean treating a person who elects to report Narcissistic Abuse poorly is alright in any way, shape, or form… but it does give whistleblowers and other observant people the opportunity to weed out frenemies, people who willingly enable abuse,  and other Covert Narcissist or Narcopathic types out of their social networks.

The phrase “shit rolls downhill” tends to be untrue when it comes time to kill the proverbial messenger. People who refuse to cover for a liar, toxic family, narcissistic peer group, hypocritical religion, or corrupt professional organization are typically abused from the top down as well as from the bottom, up — meaning that not only will the people who they expose target them for social and emotional abuse but so will their higher-ups as well as any people considered non-involved, underlings, or those who are involved but only tangentially.

Breaking the silence about Narcissistic Abuse is seldom an easy or pleasant task for an abuse victim or someone who finds out abuse is occurring. Abusers tend to have already launched comprehensive smear campaigns against any and all prospective whistleblowers (sometimes years or decades before a prospective whistleblower ever saw it coming or even started suspecting them for anything).

People who plan to use and abuse other people typically have a plan to defend themselves and keep their own secrets from the first jump. Saying things to socially or professionally undermine the credibility of any person they have abused, who suspects they are abusive, or who has witnessed them abuse is typically par for the course.

Listen carefully to how people talk about others when they confide in or speak with you. If a person seldom has anything other than superficially positive to say about other people but is ready to say, “Promise not to tell?” just before launching into full-on smear campaigning, triangulating, and striving to sabotage the reputation of a target or rival is absolutely common for deeply covert, narcissistic Abusers.

By damaging the social credibility of what would otherwise be deemed in a court of law a “credible witness”, the calculating Abuser virtually guarantees themselves absolution from responsibility for caustic action.

Knowing that whoever dares to come forward with claims they have done something wrong will be totally shunned, excommunicated, estranged from friends and family. They will also be likely to suffer serious social, professional, and/or financial consequences, the Machiavellian Dark Triad can sit back, laugh at the honest person being socially abused, and they themselves can elicit all the public sympathy they want while delighting in watching the messenger be tortured.

Whether you are Edward Snowden telling true tales of the abuse of a nation or a person who simply does not want to cover for someone they know is or was a child abuser or sexual predator makes no difference. You can simply be the person who refuses to cover for a cheater then gets socially slain by the spouse or romantic partner who was being cheated on — always for making “false claims” against their [lying, cheating, scumbag] prince, princess, or hero of a “faithful” love partner.

The messenger is typically accused of all sorts of malevolent intentions, too. Seldom will anyone say, “Maybe he [or she] told because they were telling the truth — not for any other personal or selfish motivation other than being ethical.” No… Abusers and Abuse Enablers will as a matter of habit and common practice strive to create a reasonable doubt in the mind of any listener as to WHY a whistleblower would be coming forward to make claims that they knew of the abuse, were abused themselves, or that they witnessed abuse.

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The Abuser and Abuse Enablers argue that the only reason someone blew the whistle on them is that that person is, based solely on their authoritarian assertion:

  • angry
  • stupid
  • lying
  • out to get them
  • out to get something
  • dishonest
  • crooked
  • “crazy”
  • “deranged”
  • “a loser”
  • “in love with [them]”
  • has a wild imagination
  • must be confused
  • is demented (as in has dementia)
  • must be drunk
  • must be on drugs
  • must be a drug addict
  • clearly is “on something”
  • does not know what they are talking about
  • just wants or is after attention
  • is trying to impress their peers or friends
  • has been brainwashed by non-toxic people
  • must be after a big payoff (as in blackmail or extortion)
  • is stalking them
  • is dangerous
  • is psychologically unbalanced
  • is emotionally unstable
  • must be “on her period” or a “sissy”
  • is a person who is just trying to make them look bad
  • that the whistleblower is obsessed with them

Truly, there is little to no joy to be found in the task of being a whistleblower in most circumstances. Look at Edward Snowden — still living in exile and considered a traitor to his country for revealing his higher-ups were engaged in outright fraud, that they spy on their own people, and they’re betraying American trust (backed by compelling evidence he presented to the general public as well as international community in defense of human rights to privacy when it comes to the use of electronics and computers).

Even though one of his primary nemeses — Attorney General Eric Holder — has come forward to say that Snowden going public has actually HELPED humanity, Holder is still advocating Snowden be prosecuted for HIS behavior.

The same thing tends to happen when and if a child abuse victim, sexual abuse victim, physical abuse victim, or domestic violence victim speaks up about abuse. People all jump to defend the Abuser accused while sabotaging the character of the truth confessor.

It’s a heartbreaking process to watch happen for any Empath or highly sensitive person, even knowing that a victim could be shamed publicly or blamed for having been abused. It’s worse if that person is them — meaning if an empathic person who strives to meet reality head-on with compassion is socially shunned and psychologically abused by dishonest people with clear agendas pathologically lying and their Enablers leaping to their defense like Flying Monkeys serving under the brainwashed command of the Wicked Witch.

Whistleblowers in family units tend to report they felt deep feelings of shame, loss, embarrassment, and hurt feelings after being betrayed by friends and family they elected to confide in while expecting to be believed. There’s a dead give away who is telling the absolute truth in any family conflict or personal situation where Narcissistic Abuse of an extreme level has at one time or consistently occurred.

Simply look for the person who seems to be the most upset of vexed by other human’s claims, responses, reactions, or behavior. If a person who tells the truth is not believed by their family or peer group, it tends to shake them emotionally as well as psychologically and spiritually to the core.

Abusers and abuse enablers will almost immediately stop asking questions about abuse scenarios once they start to realize that whoever has started to talk is a person striving to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help them, God.

There is no person more threatening to or disliked by toxic people than those who are willing to do the right thing at the right time for the right reason at all times without regard for personal loss or gain, as those are the kind of folks who tend to not only not take their B.S. but they are also the kind who value people for being honest, decent, and kind.

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You see, the more toxic the person, the more likely they are to abuse AND enable. Abusive people, as pack animals who are psychologically different from the average human in their thinking processes and emotional nature, are socially competitive in every interaction they engage in with other people.

As predators, most Abusers form high opinions of people with stronger personality disorders who they seek to emulate. They also tend to revile people who they perceive as Narcissistic Rivals — meaning people they believe they are actively engaged in competing with for social accolades and attention from other people.

Social Predators — as compulsively scheming, egocentric, xenophobics — tend to strive to maintain complete psychological and emotional control of their victims. They also strive to intimidate or scare people who are themselves collateral damage victims (as possible witnesses or people who might be inclined to show favorable treatment to their abuse target or targets).

By letting prospective whistleblowers know in no uncertain terms that if they talk, they are likely to be targeted for extreme social, emotional, financial, or professional abuse — or that they will more than likely be harmed physically as retribution — Abusers and the Enablers who help them spread implied threats or direct warnings tend to give off the perception that they are “winning” in life (because they successfully avoid taking personal responsibility for their toxic actions or caustic behaviors).

Keeping people frightened to speak up about abuse is their main goal, noting that the more extreme the Abuser the more likely they are to extend the threat of doing social or physical harm to any person who shows kindness, compassion, or sympathy to an abuse victim or whistleblower.

Once a whistleblower understands why they have been targeted for abuse, it tends to cause righteous indignation. The Abusers and Flying Monkey Enablers love to see a person who is honest and striving to do the right thing be treated horribly by people who they know should have believed!

As whistleblowers lose their cool and blow up on people who give credence to pathological liars and insult their character for sharing whatever the subjective truth is in the eyes of the person “telling”; the more upset the whistleblowers get the easier it is for the people they strive to expose to point fingers and say things like, “You see? Clearly, he’s just irrational…” or “See? Look at her crying. She must be consumed with anger and absolutely CRAZY!”

Bottom line, whether YOU are the whistleblower on something as COMMON as childhood sexual abuse or something as difficult or scary to discuss as the Patriot Act misuse Edward Snowden discovered, expect to be ridiculed and suffer civil retribution for taking right action. If the criminal deserves to be held accountable for their crime, someone has to tell the truth.

Since you can bet your bottom dollar it’s never going to be an Abuser or their willing Enablers who step forward to right a wrong or validate a victim’s experience as being something they have a right to feel upset by; that if it’s ever going to happen, chances are the person who finally gets up enough nerve to talk is likely to be a preferred scapegoat or loved one of a person [or collective entity] who has been systemically abused.

If you want to know how to spot the red flags that an Abuser or toxic peer group has gotten away with a civil or moral crime, look to the person they claim to hate or tell people never to trust to determine if and when abuse and subsequent revictimization of a targeted victim happens.

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What one typically finds is a smug group of people banding together to mob and smear campaign against any person or cultural group who has their number, fails to fall for their cons, or be impressed by the lies they tell in order to socially promote their own wholly fictitious presentation of themselves.

Victims and whistleblowers, on the other hand, tend to present with a wide variety of socially inspired trust and C-PTSD issues. After all, while the Abusers get off on lying, manipulating, and bullying people they see as those with no human rights or social value, the people they victimize while pathologically lying and supporting one another in their maintenance of social prestige tend to experience extreme soul crisis.

Wondering nothing more than how they can protect prospective abuse victims from predators and help the predators themselves to realize that their short-term, egocentric thinking is something that never helps ANYONE long term — especially in the afterlife when it comes to protecting the soul of the Abuser(s) — whistleblowers like:

  • Socrates (who revealed incorrect as well as illogical thinking patterns in society or other humans),
  • Edward Snowden (who outed the NSA for spying on Americans for no reason other than they wanted to),
  • little Timmy down the street who told on Bad Grandpa for touching him inappropriately,
  • Carla who tells Billy she saw her boyfriend John french kissing some other woman at the mall,
  • Jim who spotted his best friend’s wife out at the bar picking up men and warned him she was not being faithful in general,
  • that kid in class who gets labeled a “tattletale” for telling a teacher when he or she witnesses a group of bullies harassing and bullying other students
  • Kelly who dished to mommy that her big mean “little” brother waits until no adults are looking then calls her names or punches her in the back of the head,


  • Sad Sarah who tattled on her socialite mommy for encouraging her drunk husband to sexually abuse and beat her are likely to suffer from telling far more than they ever felt hurt by original traumatization

… are likely to be hurt worse by people they tell about abuse who don’t believe them than they ever actually are by the actual Abuser(s). Simply learning to distance yourself completely emotionally and socially from any person who willingly engages in socially supporting abusive predators once they have been identified is truly the simplest way to cut your losses as a whistleblower.

But before you do, take heart. Understand that when and if a person chooses to tell the truth about another person lying and abusing others makes you a civic HERO (simply from a karmic perspective alone) — no matter how much grief you get from Flying Monkeys who are clueless they are defending a predator, from active Enablers, and of course those who are naturally prone to being Abusers.

We all know how telling the truth worked out for Socrates… but despite the consequences and penalties he faced civilly for telling the truth as he understood it subjectively speaking, his name has been cleared on the cosmic record in such a way he had very little to no evidence it ever would be.

Granted, the fates never saw fit to lend him a hand. Socrates was forced to drink the hemlock. Fortunately for Snowden, Russian President Vladimir Putin [or a person backed by a group of people like him] elected to take heed of Socrates virtue, to judge Snowden’s character as ruthless Empath (rather than pathologically lying Cluster B), and to grant him anonymous political refuge from social prosecution in his homeland.

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