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Disinformation is a form of Machiavellian, Dark Triad inspired, profound gaslighting. People who use disinformation strategies to keep targeted marks estranged and alienated, confused, and emotionally distraught seek to foster submission and people willing to pledge psychological allegiance to the promotion of willful, maliciously spread lies and what the Alt-Right global party succeeded in defining in the 21st century as the term ‘Alternative Facts’.

Russian intelligence services mastered the art of sharing disinformation with their own citizens in the earliest part of the 20th century following the successful smear campaign launched against the Tzar and his family. The Tzar, trusting a Dark Triad adviser about how to posture himself socially in front of the people, made an error in judgment that ultimately led directly to the murder of himself, his wife, and all their children — not to mention countless innocent and persecuted of truly emotionally kind and intelligent Russian citizens who did not suffer from personality disorders.

The trend to make blanket assertions posited as fact, then to proceed as if known lies are true is a psychological tactic all people who take social, physical, emotional, and spiritual hostages use to hyper-stimulate fear in targets while leaving them with the impression that the only way they and their loved ones will be physically safe is if they believe and act as if what the Abuser says is true.

People who fall for Disinformation Campaigns in their home life or any social sphere tend to end up behaving as if they are brainwashed. This is not a coincidence, as gaslighting, fear-mongering, making ad hominem attacks, persecution of targeted marks or rivals, and physical menacing are oftentimes used by people who aspire to make themselves feel more powerful.

By using advanced, calculated and NLP infused phrases to confuse and cause duress or a hyped sense of adrenaline in a targeted listener or marked group, the clever Abuser with a penchant for copycatting loving people who are actually charming positions themselves to do great social harming. Telling a lie for personal gain is something most parents dissuade their children from doing, but people who are raised by Cluster B parents and conform or themselves end up socially maturing into stronger social predators are oftentimes praised for malfeasance.

Understanding the link between a toxic parent who role models how to successfully abuse while avoiding any civil or criminal penalty and the development of organized crime units can help any forensic psychology student to rapidly connect the dots between the head of a crime family or a political dictator and bad grandpa who spent his life verbally abusing and physically bashing virtually everybody.

Young men and women who are complicit enabling their own parents tend to develop NPD and mild sociopathic tendencies as they age. Lacking the ability to comprehend complex emotions, they are the most likely to become corporate raiders, fiercely competitive academics, disdainful of others they perceive as lessers, and to behave as if they are somehow above the law and socially entitled to do and say whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want — without ever concerning themselves with accepting personal responsibility for the consequences.

When a child is fed such gross disinformation about the child’s human rights, the psychological trajectory they are groomed from their earliest ages of life to follow is a narcissistic path likely to make them prone to actively embracing and capping themselves functionally to repressing emotion while actively embracing vertical thinking. Social competitiveness and a tendency to use words or physicality to harm others without conscience is the inevitable result of their compliance.

Disinformation spread in public school systems that promoted propaganda touting Cluster B ethics influenced all the WWII Generation members as well as led to many Baby Boomers developing Narcissistic Personality types with a love for violent sports, social competition, and (ultimately) to the development of Collapsed Narcissist personality types.

The only way to please a Dark Triad sharing disinformation with the intent to abuse while self-promoting or self-aggrandizing is to lavish them with praise and to aggressively use the same assertions to harm and damage other listeners in some way.

Dark Triad, socially malevolent people demand absolute loyalty from their Narcissistic Supply sources. By gaslighting, sharing obvious lies and irrational word salad arguments, they watch their friends and family members as well as targeted marks to see who is…

A) willing to use Magical Thinking to trick themselves into overcoming Cognitive Dissonance,

B) psychologically vulnerable to being bullied or led by the nose by a more physically or verbally abusive predator into going along with the art of the con,

c) who responds to aggressive psychological assault by deferring to whatever they say then striving to avoid failing to enable in order to self-promote in some way.

By hunting for marks who are likely to enable, to develop Stockholm Syndrome, and anyone who is a less socially skilled predator, the Dark Triad Machiavellian Prince abuses the hospitality of all hospitable humans. If one takes their subjective opinion assertions in such a way the person or claims are given social credibility, that is their ultimate endorphin generator.

Being able to lie at whim and control the psychology, physicality, and emotions of other people, the Cluster B mind feels like a winner. Sadly, their own neural deficiencies that prevent them from being able to process complex emotions ultimately make them into evolutionary losers.

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