Gang Stalking

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Gang Stalking is a new form of social bullying and cyber terrorism. Cyberbullies play a form of a Machiavellian game — targeting an innocent victim, branding them publicly as a violent, dangerous, deranged, or drugged-out criminal, then recruiting friends and family to come cyber stalk their social media pages.

If the person lives locally and can be physically stalked, harassed, and bullied, strangers will be sent to do so to unnerve and frighten or cause fear in a target the same way. Red flags an abuser is targeting a victim for public social abuse and striving to put their life, personal safety, and the life of their loved ones and families in danger are doing things like posting pictures of or references to a Narcissistic Rival, making ad hominem attacks, and gaslighting friends and family to believe that the innocent victim somehow deserves to be cyberbullied, socially estranged or exiled, and placed under tremendous physical stress from dread panic, overwhelming humiliation, social anxiety, and duress.

When a Machiavellian thinker with Malignant Narcissist and Psychopath tendencies decides to target what is known as a Narcissistic Rival for this sort of social destruction and physical torture, it tends to go on for months — sometimes years. In the case of the most mentally compromised of predators, torture of a preferred scapegoat target might continue to happen for decades.

In grade school, a bully might tell rumors and start cruel jokes about a target’s appearance, character, or nature. The same thing happens when the same predator targets a family or another adult human for social destruction.

The mean girl or schoolyard bully who beat people use, ridicule them, do bodily harm to them, then steal their lunch money after throwing their school books and backpack into the grade school loo are the very same grown adults who ask all their social media contacts to file false reports against people’s pages, their professional websites, and try anything they can to run their abuse target out of town (and off the internet) to ensure their victims end up totally devastated emotionally and physically ISOLATED.

Why would they try to harm another human being in such a sick, twisted, and clearly socially deviant and/or evil way? TO SEE IF THEY CAN, usually.


All they care about is the excitement of bullying and seeing how comprehensively they can get away with doing it. If they bully in secret, it only gets them off so much physically and emotionally. They need everyone to know not only that they are “better” than their abuse target, but the mere fact a rival lives and breathes makes them FURIOUS.

Loving to grind in lying to their friends and family undetected, triangulating everyone so only the ABUSER and the victim truly know what the Abuser is doing or has done, and creating a pot-stirring environment of Ambient Abuse that lures in voyeuristic Covert Narcissists and Sadists in to “watch”, they strive to turn social media into a wrestling match of the verbal and visual sort.

Honest to gosh, if it would not blow their cover, we swear — those with Somatic Narcissist streaks to their malignant nature and an extreme sense of grandiose entitlement would sell tickets to the event if they could get away with it. Sadly, they cannot brag to anyone but their VICTIM that they lied to their friends and family and got away with deceiving them. They cannot tell anyone they lied to in order to convince them to pay attention to them while proffering undeserved sympathy and moral support.

Since telling the truth about what gets a Gang Stalking leader off would out them to friends, family, and police or court authorities, all they can do is gloat to their victims. Taunting after abusing a victim covertly, provoking, and harassing to terrify, socially crush, and financially (or physically) devastate targets is the Obsessed Stalker’s MO with alarming regularity.

Secret Stalking Cult describes the process of recruiting Flying Monkeys and targeting a victim best, sharing the following insights about Gang Stalking and Cyber Bullying in the following excerpt:

“The gang stalking controller manipulates everybody.

The methods used in the gang stalking game are evolved out of police methods for dealing with criminals, but instead are being used against the law-abiding. In the case of the police dealing with a targeted criminal, due to criminals expertise in eluding the law, the police developed the tactic of identifying the criminal’s associates – lover, friend, family, social circle and so on, and in order to trap the criminal, encircle him by exerting pressure on those close to him…

In this way disrupting the criminal’s social support, isolating him, and by breathing down the neck of his associates, alienating them from giving support…

Somewhere along the line, some clever person worked out the same techniques could be even more profitably directed against the law-abiding…

Profitably because an expertise of criminals is either hiding their ill-gotten gains or squandering them immediately, so you may catch the criminal but getting hold of his assets is another game entirely…

Whereas law-abiding people’s resources can be plainly identified by the associated legitimate paperwork…

And law-abiding people spend most of their waking hours in building up substantial assets, such as buying a home or savings or a pension…

“Someone who has worked for thirty years and longer is likely to be worth pillaging.”

If you are the victim of PERVASIVE STALKING, read more here:

If you know someone who is the victim of a pervasive Stalker, resist the urge to minimize the stalking victim’s legitimate fears. Not only is being targeted for extreme social and emotional abuse exhausting psychologically, but it is also physically damaging.

Being the victim of repeated domestic abuse, violence, and being left with zero right to normal freedom of movement and rights to privacy can take only a few days or weeks of experiencing to cause a Narcissistic Abuse victim a lifetime of PTSD issues and correlated stress illness damage.

Can you imagine what being stalked or hunted by a Terminator-like figure does to a person — especially once being hunted and targeted goes on for a few months of time?

Imagine being Sarah Connor.

Think about her plight.

No one believed her either. And her children… her CHILD… paid the ultimate price.

Now instead of thinking about being targeted for social, physical, and emotional destruction by someone controlling an entire man-made and Dark Triad programmed army of robots. With no goal in mind other than doing the job their master assigned, they gang stalking cyberbullies and mercenary people hunters come out of the woodwork like moths drawn to an artificial light.

Not just ONE Terminator hunting you down. Packs of them.

And guess what?

Victims rarely if ever know who to expect the abuse is going to come from or why.

Hunters serve the Evil Queen when there’s been a status-seeking prize award for doing as much harm and psychological or emotional damage to Snow White as the huntsmen’s sick ruler needs to feel like she herself is the fairest in all the land and alive.

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