Gaslighting is denial of reality
Gaslighting, This Just In

Gaslighting, Denial of Reality, and Intent to Commit Fraud common Narcissistic Abuse tactics

Gaslighting, Denial of Reality, and Intent to Commit Fraud are common Narcissistic Abuse tactics used by Dark Triad people to control their marks and to influence people.

Dark Triad people meet diagnostic criteria for two or more Cluster B personality disorders coupled with a high degree of Machiavellian behavior.

If someone you know lies to you or about you — especially after having situationally abused you, knowingly, then denying they harmed you in public and then tells you in private that it’s your word against theirs if there were no witnesses to crime — this is the most serious red flag you could notice about the character traits of another person in life.

Gaslighting is the intentional abuse of hospitality of targeted listeners and preferred scapegoat targets. Words are used to twist and distort the listener’s concept of reality to the point that they are likely to profoundly distrust themselves when and if they question what whoever brainwashed them into believing the social equivalent of false news has said.

When they tell you they love you — without knowing the difference on an intellectual, academic, or emotional level between actual love or loving behavior and trauma bonding rituals they push, realize they are gaslighting you for sure… and quite possibly they don’t even realize it themselves.

People with ASPD brains are a specific kind of neural human being. Vertical thinkers, one and all, with limited to no emotional intelligence or empathy processing ability, they tend to get physically addicted to spewing and believing logical fallacy arguments.

Denial of reality, magical thinking, and outright pretending reality is something other than they know full well and mindfully that it is is their thing. Their course of conduct in life reflects noting more socially impressive than career criminal intent.

People who met diagnostic criteria for Dark Triad behavior are more than likely to show low to no empathy response when and if you put them on a brain scan to test them. They can pass a Lie Detector test without a blip of irregularity because they have no conscience physically — but they cannot make their brain feel something for other human beings that it doesn’t.

The tests for empathy have been available ONLY since 2015. Think about that in historical context and realize the chance all humans have to get the people who cause social problems and stress-related health issues for the rest of us legally as well as medically outed to authority figures and in our own homes.

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They can deny that they committed a crime that they did and claim victims are lying or mentally deficient and making up that they were traumatized by social encounters with them all they want, but if they are involved in something like a High Conflict Divorce conflict, a judge could order both parents or estranged spouses to have themselves Empathy — and therefore oath-capable — tested.

A person who is Cluster B is neurologically incapable of taking an oath that means the same thing to them that it says on the surface and is socially intended to mean for the rest of us. Fitness to lead things like a country, a community, a company, or a family will hopefully within the next few years be routinely tested using brain scan technology.

Put a Dark Triad’s hand on the bible or some other sacred book and ask them to swear an oath — they will. They will do so while in their own head loathing anyone who thinks things like oaths or honor matter.

The people with a personality type prone to pathological lying, non-stop gaslighting, and a desire to harm or to get one over on others are the most codependent and socially pathetic — yet seemingly still powerful — people on the planet. If you get them to admit they situationally abused or neglected someone willfully, they will always tell you they were entitled to harm their target without consequence to themselves claiming the person they felt like harming deserved it.

The intent to commit fraud on the general public and to use words to hurt people while doing things like triangulating, undermining, or committing acts of social sabotage and or sedition in an otherwise healthful and functioning community setting is ever-present in the mind and behavior of Cluster B people.

Never expect a person who lies or withholds pertinent information to confuse other people about the nature of reality in order to harm or to deny them of their natural right to life to be socially inclined to doing things like caring about other people at all. Actually, the more harmful they are to other people the more likely they are to thrill at the knowledge.

The Dark Triad who gets addicted to doing things like abusing others or breaking the law to see what they can get away with following all the same traits of someone with an addiction to things like gambling, high-risk sexual behavior, and hyperadrenalizing physical activity.

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Some guys and gals like living a fun and exciting lifestyle without feeling the need to engage in self-harming or the desire to do harm to anybody. But a Dark Triad — the more extreme they are in their comorbid personality disorder affectations — will get addicted to the pleasure of things like causing pain, and derive an endorphin rush from being in control.

Sex, for them, is about power. Not intimacy or emotional and physical comfort most humans find when in the arms of others. It’s why they lie to their primary mates about what really flips their switch or floats their boat in private, intimate moments — because telling them the truth would give that person the power to socially control, to shame, or to know them.

Winning, for them, is never about making the world around them a better place. It’s always simply about what they can take – take – take while behaving in ways that are strictly socially gluttonous, emotionally hedonistic states.

People who are egocentric pervasively never — literally never — take into account how their behavior will impact other people or life in general for everyone their abuse targets know. They are told to compete and groomed by toxic parents to do things like vie for the adult caregiver’s approval and affection.

The cruelest and most short-sighted of all emotionally handicapped parents groom children to compete in corporate society at home by creating an atmosphere pervasively riddled with sibling rivalry. The more validation and affection the toxic parent withholds to manipulate their child’s trauma bonding neurobiology, the more likely they are to cripple the child’s EQ physically by encouraging the offspring to fixate on things like survival instincts rather than giving the chance to become better humans after being raised in a loving and socially supportive environment.

Realizing all Cluster B people and quite specifically Dark Triads are one-trick ponies is step one to realizing their intent to commit fraud, knowingly. Knowing they intend to abuse your hospitality… really taking that reality in… minus their ridiculous gaslighting spin… is the fastest way to start to recover from Stockholm Syndrome if any has been groomed or developed on its own.

For better or for worse, if their lips are moving they are probably lying. Lying about why they are sharing something with us — setting us up to fall for their perpetual con. They are using tactics when they tell us they love us — knowing they don’t — and grossly abusing our trust and the social compact when they blurt overt lies or Machiavellian inspired social steering claims.

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Their ultimate goal is to break and completely control everyone’s brains with the goal of being able to do and say whatever they want, whenever they want, at any time without social or legal consequences on any given day.

Dark Triads steal a lollipop from a baby and if the child reports the crime they are the most likely people to claim the little one they harmed is socially deranged, making things up, “crazy”, in need of mental health services, hallucinating like a Schizophrenic, or lying to smear campaign their reputation in a devious attempt to net gain themselves attention.

Meanwhile, the kid sits in his or her stroller, totally confused about things like why an adult would lie, missing their candy, and not understanding.

We can fix that perception deficit for the child. Showing them the social predator’s brain scan and explaining why it’s okay to feel hurt, socially at risk of being harmed by that person, and psychologically as well as emotionally confused about the Hospitality Abuser’s course of conduct and to hold the person socially and morally and or legally responsible for the behavior and word choice without needing to personalize the abuse or to shame the predator for their emotional disability tends to do wonders restoring a sense of decreased anxiety.

Good people by nature do something called Reverse Projection that puts us all at risk of being socially destroyed by wolves in sheepdog clothing who use words and things like their physical appearance to trick us into believing that in the middle of the night when we expect them to be doing things like socially serving and protecting the flock that they are picking off emotionally sensitive and non-confrontational sheep to have as a midnight snack while the rest of the flock and the sheepherders sleep.

Shut the door and stop inviting them back in, once you suspect or can prove that a person is overtly or covertly likely to be the type of person willing to do things like harm others for personal pleasure or profit by doing things like abusing or bending the truth. The more time on the pond anyone like that spends with access to kind people, the more harm they are likely to cause doing things like socially sabotaging our reputations behind our back and witness tampering.

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