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What is a Womanizer by definition?

What is a Womanizer by definition? A Love Fraud Social Predator who is more than likely a Cluster B personality type by nurture and nature — a Dark Triad who cons people into thinking or believing that they have a special connection with him that is authentic and intimate when all he’s doing is playing mind games while hunting.

Womanizers tend to get lumped into the discussion about Serial Cheaters. They all serial cheat if and when they get in a relationship with someone who thinks they are committed.

But here is the deal.

Calling a Womanizer a run-of-the-mill style sneaky Joe McCheating Serial Cheater is actually an insult to the Womanizer that unjustly and inaccurately profiles Serial Cheaters as people who are anything like an actual Machiavellian Love Fraud who is a professional level of the personal con.

Womanizers are con artists who are literally only about the game. Addicted to high-risk behavior, social forms of gambling, and hyperadrenalizing by manufacturing chaos and triangulating, they are the ultimate Narcissistic and Machiavellian Psychopaths.

Some guy cheating on his wife with some side piece he happens to have met at or through his friends at work or at the office may fancy himself a real player… but if he is doing anything to keep a woman’s social or romantic attention rather than seeking to be kept, he’s already ruled himself out as a Womanizer type — even if much of what he appears to do on a surface level is very similar to what Womanizers do.

Think of the Womanizer who pulls up to the club in the latest and greatest sports cars.

A womanizer is a man who hunts women sexually and socially for use and abuse as their prey. A woman they gaslight or who they mislead into believing they care or anything they say about things like their wife are having from conversation moment one their entire person, spirit, mind, heart, body, and social trust betrayed.

He is single or a serial wedding enthusiast. Either he’s never been married or he’s on serious relationship number 93 where he’s fallen in and out of trauma bonding relationships 96 times by or before the age of 45.

Those who are uninterested in doing things to care for themselves and who want a social cover that makes them look like respectable people in society will oftentimes select a ride-or-die style, utterly esteemless and codependent mate… the more Somatic by nurture her family groomed her to be, the better. That woman is then “landed” like a whale — not the kind that is a big fish but one who literally is sized up during the hunt for exactly how to initiate contact in such a way that ends with the Whaler harming and lashing the blubberous carcass to their boat to show off like a trophy that they won it over.

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The woman targeted or groomed to become a Surrendered Wife is most often a Rules Girl who develops a sense of Collapsed Narcissist tendency over time. Trained to seek out Alpha men who act like social predators and to enable their terrible personality affectation in exchange for being able to live in a bigger house and to avoid having to buy their own purses, the women who trauma bond to such men end up living life in an emotional and social fog.

Alpha men who are predatory are likely to cheat. If they have NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), expect them to always be trying to one-up themselves while competing with others; they will always be looking to mate with or to breed into family units with money who they can brag about landing in public while constantly seeking the perfect next love interest to replace their current mate — not because they love the person but because they are on a constant hunt for the next latest and greatest, the most socially prestigious thing to own or person to date.

The book “The Machiavellian Guide To Womanizing” lays out their one-trick pony blueprint for successful womanizing. It defines the worst patterns of Dark Triad behaviors in glowing contexts that leave men who have Collapsed Narcissist egos thinking if they could only learn how to emulate a Love Fraud predator that they too could live a life that’s dazzling.

Womanizers appear to have the best of everything. Most end up with multiple men and women in their Narcissistic Harem who are willing and interested in doing whatever it takes to win their attention and or their validation.

But appear is the keyword in that sentence.

You see, Womanizers are typically such severely Traumatized Empaths who have been so broken neurologically by toxic parents and inappropriate social caregivers when they were little that they literally have chosen to aspire to emulate Psychopaths in order to completely avoid having to feel.

And daughters of men who behave in this way who fall for all the same charm and trauma bonding tricks they use on their romantic conquests to win their affection and or who pride themselves on being “Daddy’s Girls” are the females who actually are harmed by Dark Triad father antics the worst.

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Actually, that statement is not wholly accurate.

Their children and grandchildren tend to suffer more. Not from being exposed to him but from watching their mother mistreat the men in her life — especially their fathers — while she strives to pigeonhole her current love interest into competing with her father for her romantic favors and social-emotional attention.

One cannot feel sorry for a man who knowingly aspires to marry a Somatic Narcissist female or pretend that he does not know she’s the female equivalent of a Womanizer in essence.

That’s the biggest takeaway men and women alike who are researching this topic need to take away from any discussion about what a Womanizer is or about how they are able to be readily spotted.

That women who aspire to marry and breed with an Alpha male who acts like a Womanizer or any form of Social Predator and who stay with him for decades, covering for him socially and making excuses for or hiding his situationally abusive behavior are no different than the guy who drags his sore and exhausted body out of bed at 6 am every morning to go work at an unfulfilling, boring, or tedious job working someplace corporate or as some kind of service professional consulting or doing manual labor so his wife can tell everyone about how much money he makes while she spends him into the poorhouse without so much as a moment of sincerely thanking or appreciating him for all he physically does to try to win her validation or crumbs of affection.

Anyone who ridicules a woman for trauma bonding to a Womanizer needs to seriously consider all the men in the world who marry toxic females who may or may not have affairs but who dehumanize them in a similar fashion, using the nicest men only as a means to a grossly underappreciated end.

Until everyone tells these people to stop and holds them personally and socially accountable when and if they treat people like means without care or consideration for how their gaslighting and taking social and physical advantage of other human beings impacts their prey, the Narcissistic Cycle of Abuse related to Love Fraud predators using charm and sex appeal or promises of gifts and social status elevation is going to keep spinning.

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Sadly, with Womanizers around, that means everyone’s 12 to 32-year-old daughter is likely to be in social harm’s way. So are our son’s if the “Womanizer” is overtly or covertly bisexual or gay.

Avoid enabling or socially esteeming men who mistreat females. The life you save from their predation may be your own or that of a special young person who really does not need to learn that particular lesson.

It is really okay to simply explain to an appropriately mature child that when boys use girls for things like sex or to make themselves look like someone a Somatic Narcissist would respect, it is no different from a woman using a man she does not like or physically love for a paycheck.

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