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People who are Oppositional, Defiant Without Honor, or who strive to sabotage other humans’ social and physical collaborative success are oftentimes profoundly Cluster B and emotional intelligence handicapped. Since 2015 brain scans have been able to confirm and to show the neurological phenomenon that is Cluster B neural processing — meaning IQ absent EQ expressing in humanity.

Oppositional behavior is typical from Cluster B humans who seek to monopolize other people’s time and attention by pretending that they, the Abuser, are stupid or that they are profoundly underinformed about a particular topic that they know full well about. Feigning ignorance about things like how their words, posts, and graphic imagery assaults harm their targets or do damage to groups like family units or societies, they bank on IDIOTS taking time to sit and explain to them why what they did, said, or did not do or say when they should have was hurtful to the person they chose to do or say that very thing to specifically because they knew full well the impact before their destructive social behavior was blurted.

Dupers Delight is a common neurochemical rush they seek. Violent oppositional people also enjoy bloodlusting… but common Covert Situational Abusers who lack the social skills to interact with others in socially collaborative ways compete for attention in the most bizarre of ways.

One way the person with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (full-blown) competes for attention in society — something they are groomed to believe is survival-oriented and necessary — will get people to interact with them is by using Psychological and Social Abuse tactics like baiting, provoking, stonewalling, and withholding affection — along with all the modifications… like withholding granting a point to another that a FACT is based on scientifically and socially provable or provable by logical deduction is valid.

Think of the Flat Earth mentality. They grok planes. Rather than allowing that their planar view is valid and that the spherical value can overlay their conception allowing both to function perpetually in a frictionless and socially symbiotic and essentially “compatible roommate” type state, they say, “Oh no no no! If My brain does not see or value something another does, the other is to be shunned, ridiculed, tormented, insulted, socially sabotaged, and physically prevented from discussing or seeking to learn more about their own state of reality.

The SUN and MOON revolve around them — they assert by their implied NLP. Are they socially, emotionally, and intelligent to torture Gallileo? If you ask them, YES — but not because they believe themselves. They will TELL an Inquirer, “yes” just to watch our faces contort while they prey on abusing our time and conversational hospitality for sport.

A defiant person seeks to prevent target attention from moving off them. Curmudgeons, Unpleasable People, and those who refuse to do things like to show social support for others doing work they themselves refuse to assist are ways that Oppositional Abuse tactics are used by people all over the globe who range on a scale from “Misguided Narcissistic” to “I’m the Pope and people can’t use BIRTH CONTROL to improve the quality of life for themselves and for the overall health of the planet”.

Are Oppositional or Oppositional Defiant Disorder NLP mindset afflicted people rational? Technically YES — and most are also considered “analytical” and not easily swayed by a crowd. The problem with that reverse projection is that folks who do not jump off a bridge because someone else told them to after they thought through the issue are not the same type of person who is offered to jump and refuses without considering why not to go.

Defiant behavior without honor is just that…

OPPOSITIONAL and considered a symptom of Cluster B personality disorder.

People who are oppositional are oftentimes those who are cranky intentionally, difficult on purpose, willing to lie and to gaslight compulsively to waste other people’s time and energetic emotions, and who — unless they are making a problem that forces targets to interact with them longer — are the people most strive to physically escape as quickly as possible from if and when we are forced to interact due to things like a court order or social [toxic family unit based self-perceived] obligation.

Psychology Today notes the Psychological Abuse tactic known as “Opposing” is a very deliberate Machiavellian form of social conversational control that medically, emotionally, and psychologically is meant to frustrate and physically to handicap another.

Deliberate means by Free Will Choice — typically fully or substantively informed about the impact of their words, lifestyle choices, and social behavior — and making a mindful choice and decision followed up by action to intentionally create a socially, physically blocked communication or energetic compromised state. Understand the aforementioned state — or find yourself the play toy of a Social Predator seeking to TIME DOMINATE.

The trusted Self-Help and Psychology Website shares the following insight about OPPOSITIONAL behavior. They write, “The abuser will argue against anything you say, challenging your perceptions, opinions, and thoughts. The abuser doesn’t listen or volunteer thoughts or feelings, but treats you as an adversary, in effect saying [No No No] to everything, so a constructive conversation is impossible.”

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