Gaslighting and Lying
Gaslighting, This Just In

Repeating a lie does not make Gaslighting true

Repeating a lie does not make Gaslighting true. Repeating a falsehood louder or more frequently does not magically change reality or the universe. What it does is socially and emotionally brutalize anyone exposed to the gist of the Social Predator.

Vladimir Lenin was famous for saying, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

He was inaccurately describing how the Narcissistic Abuse brainwashing tactic known as gaslighting works — by conflating the concept of a tactic working to produce an intended effect on the mind of another using trickery with having the actual power or ability to manipulate truth and reality in the known physical universe!

Lenin makes the ASPD vertical thinker assertion that if someone acts like a lie is true — either because they believe it or because they are being coerced into pretending they do — that the truth actually morphs and becomes whatever distortion the person likely to be suffering not only from profound Newtonian Syndrome but also from massive Object Permanence Syndrome being caused more than likely by exposure to chemicals, heavy metals, alcohol poisoning, pharmaceutical compromise, and or multigenerational likely undiagnosed FAS.

Nice try, Sir, but… no, it actually doesn’t.

[And anyone on the Autism Spectrum like the current leader of his nation should have been smart enough intellectually to figure out their own neural deficiency and to aspire to become the world leaders in humanitarian ethics instead of going rogue thug… but on that point, we digress.]

Lenin also said things like, “One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”, “There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience.”, “A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel.”, and, “Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.”

[Hail Boy Scouts? Public School? No Child Left Behind? Vertical thinking is the only right way to process life and emotion? NLP grooming shudder.]

But that’s a different story related to red flags someone is not only likely to be Machiavellian but that they are a fully enabled Dark Triad socially allowed to wield power and influence over others using the logically flawed MIGHT MAKES RIGHT argument already so long ago functionally debunked in ethical concept by Socrates and Plato in the “Republic”.

Telling a lie is a social act of violence. So is asserting a false presentation of reality is true when it’s not.

In some cases, people delude themselves into thinking things like social competition is the only way society and the world work.

The folks with the ability intellectually to understand why such a profound gaslighting claim is just that — gaslighting — feel it in their bones that to accept Hobbesian thinkers toxic perspectives as their own habit of processing reality leads to things like profound stress illness creation in the body.  Those who are not bright enough intellectually but who are born with the neurological ability to still process complex emotions tend to know something feels terribly wrong with what they were told by their earliest caregivers but without guidance and education are likely to do things like turn to authoritarian figures at church, school, and in the community to “tell them” what is and what is not reality.

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Herein lies the problem.

If a person in a position of power or authority lies, gaslights, or has been fed misinformation they themselves believe to be true — and they are making decisions for the whole as well as for themselves using flawed data and likely stilted emotional processing methods neurologically — the entire community is placed in a position of risk. So is the person who is making choices based on inaccurate information.

To heck with right or wrong — striving for accuracy in communication and intellectual processing of things like social stimuli is where it’s at as far as personal advancement and advancing the cause of social as well as biological and spiritual evolution of the soul. Truth-telling to self and others with the relentless pursuit of revealing deeper layers of reality as we are able to intelligently and emotionally process and amass the data is where it’s at with regard to seeking to face facts.

People who abuse the hospitality and time of others by misleading them or who by freewill choice do things like intentionally avoid self-educating in order to stonewall and refuse to take personal responsibility for words, deeds, actions, willful negligence, or outright inaction as an avoidant abuse tactic are Cluster B typically by nurture and by nature.

A level of nurtured narcissism is typically comorbid in such folks with Machiavellian nature (of various skill levels) and with a profound level of typically trauma exposure induced Anti-Social personality grooming.

A person who is born without conscience does not tend to get the same gamer’s thrill lying, bullying while asserting false claims are true, or bending the truth as someone who was taught by their earliest social role models how to manipulate and to brutalize other human beings socially and emotionally. Sociopaths — the group of ASPD individuals with the lowest levels of emotional sensitivity who are the most inclined to thrive in controlled environments with excessive structure and order they prefer to be around to quell their own internal anxiety — tend to lie as a means to an end, not for sadistic pleasure.

Psychopaths will lie for fun to see who they can con and to watch people’s faces. Literally — lying, gaslighting, and bullying or conning other people into bending to their intellectual and toxic emotional will is their thing.

Realize when you hear a person making an argument that might makes right or that all truth is subjective they are self-revealing their covert core nature. Very few people of sound moral intelligence would be so grandiose as to presume that because they — as an individual — may lack the biological ability to know all truth that truth itself does not matter or exist.

Such kinds of people tend to like to self-create large family units. Then they groom the children to socially compete for their affection, encouraging endless sibling rivalry that extends into their offspring developing full-blown Cluster B personality types likely by nurtured habit to compromise the welfare and success in the life of literally every human being they encounter.

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Children who are complicit when adults in their life lie — keeping secrets for Mommy Dearest and for her Enabling Henchman while seeking favor with Social Predators and among those same people’s Narcissistic Harem — are adults who become career criminal personality types.

Willing to bend the truth to their advantage, to withhold pertinent information to lead others to make poor choices or decisions, falsely profiling other people in smear campaigns, you name it — if it’s expedient for them to blurt a partial truth, to outright lie in the moment (especially when under oath), or for them to sit and spin gaslighting tales to make some think the Gaslighter is trustworthy while they are mirroring to love bomb or to hoover — the person who uses words to “win” are a truly deplorable type of problematic and profoundly socially toxic human.

Learn how to listen to claims people who are known to lie or who are suspected of having a problem personality make.

If you hear them making caustic remarks about other people…

If you hear them making excuse after excuse about why they are not responsible for someone in society being harmed or neglected while sounding as if they are blurting non-apologies and back-peddling…

If you hear them making Word Salad Arguments…

If you hear them presenting themselves like an Authoritarian or a huckster (rather than presenting themselves as a qualified authority figure…


Know that whatever they are saying — positive or negative — to a targeted listening audience is likely to be not only riddled with gaslighting spin, partial truths, and inaccurate facts but that everything they say and do to win you over to believing whatever GIGO they are asserting is likely to be wholly and intentionally manipulative.

Do they really like that new pink dress or were they simply saying that to your face while mocking you behind your back?

Were they really impressed by the new triple black sports car you picked up at full retail price to drive in the heat of the Florida sun — or were they just being nice to your face when you tried to socially impress them with “gangsta” taste?

Was prune-faced Grandma really just trying to be nice when she said her granddaughter was pretty — realizing she could not for the life of her think up a single compliment about the child’s intellect, manners, social skill development, or personality… or was she knowingly being snarky and covertly insulting?

Did Bad Grandpa really mean it when he said, “He’s a good boy. He’ll grow out of it eventually.”

Did Daddy Issues manufacturer ever really stop drinking, using drugs, or serial cheating on Helicopter Mommy behind her back while keeping her busy taking care of a house without any help and looking after as many children as her barefoot and always aspiring to keep her preggers body will functionally or physically spit out?

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Did Mommy Dearest stop treating her Enabling Henchman husband like a paycheck while she aspires to live the life of the Gold Digger divine, riding her little Elvira Gulch bike around the neighborhood to win the affection and attention of her latest romantic conquest, Carpenter Guy? Or was she still on Lawn Man and Pool Boy behind father’s and grandparent’s backs?

Chances are if you are from a toxic family, you know one or more people who are blood-related to you who lie for no reason other than when they do they seem to always get what they want while delighting in tormenting the ethical nature of people who aspire to actually be greater.

Let the relationship with liars and gaslighters go. Let them go even before you flee bullies if you can.

Here’s why.

In a world where human beings are untrustworthy, everyone’s quality of life declines.

Make a choice to be a person of character and quality. Aspire to be accurate with words and when and if new data or information comes available about a topic, share it with others without excessively self-editing or redacting thinking what you know to be fact-based assertions about reality don’t matter.

Otherwise, one runs the risk of creating a home environment that resembles something Special Forces people are likely to refer to as a Soup Sandwich — a totally unworkable situation that is completely FUBARRED without hope of social resolution or spiritual redemption.

[SEE: “Tango and Cash”, the film.]

And no one thrives in that type of profoundly anti-social and caustic type of environment.

With that said, we share insights with and about things like the pursuit of accuracy without lending more heft to the weight of social judgment.

“Sometimes — history needs a push.” — says Lenin. Adding, “Every Cook needs to learn how to govern the state.

Lenin was indeed a mad chef.

His mind was profoundly Cluster B and a brain scan of him would have let all the people of the Soviet Union know that he was not socially or emotionally trustworthy.

Accepting reality using logic and emotional intelligence that is mindfully nurtured is the most expedient way to restore health to a body. It matters not if that body happens to be one person’s physical body or the body politic in general.

Aspiring to know the truth and respecting facts is the fastest way to reclaim health as well as to improve civic reality. Seeking accurate data is what it is… the actual only Leviathan — the social and emotional spiritual elevation of all to assist them in becoming a trustworthy people.

Be the change you want to see by striving to accurately describe life and the world around you to yourself in your own mind as well as being mindfully fastidious about being honest with tact when interacting with others.

Enjoy facing facts!

You have everything to gain including health and respect.

Plato's Stunt Double

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