Dehumanization of Narcissistic Abuse Victims is a tactic
This Just In, Whistleblower

Dehumanization of Whistleblowers and Scapegoats common Narcissistic Abuse tactics

Dehumanization of Whistleblowers and Scapegoats is common in Machiavellian minds. They dehumanize victims to make their target and prospective abuse by proxy marks believe that the person they strive to devalue is not only deserving of abuse but should never under any social circumstance be treated as if they deserve humane social treatment, anything resembling inclusion under the protective wing of a group, or any validation that they deserve to be treated as if they have a right to be treated like a human being with rights whatsoever.

When you see someone known to be socially competitive or violent in specific circumstances publicly attacking or baiting their preferred scapegoats, targets, or a prospective (or out of the closest as a Narcissistic Abuse victim) like a predatory cat hunts its prey, understand it’s a neurological reveal about who they are, by core nature, as a person.

Cats will kill a living creature for their own idle amusement; Cluster B human beings are the only other animal on the planet who, without care, concern, or mercy to a target will aspire to do the same thing.

Neurologists and Bio-Psychologists know and understand one thing since 2015 specifically. Cluster B people are readily evident on a brain scan. But to hear them talk, they (Cluster B people) are actually the most intelligent and emotionally insightful human beings on the planet. And no one is entitled to things like human rights or the pursuit of life, liberty, and personal property except them. Especially not anyone they themselves have personally neglected, lied to or about, or have mistreated.

It’s common for people handicapped with Cluster B personality types to lack so much EQ (complex emotional processing ability) neurologically that no matter what a person or Whistleblower they have targeted for abuse or neglect does or says that they will inevitably strive to grossly smear campaign against that very person’s humanity in an attempt to socially dehumanize them in the eyes of their own social support group.


Control. What Dark Triads cannot do themselves they perceive on a cellular level as a threat.

The desire to dominate and to socially control the emotions, thoughts, and physical biology of other people is the actual hallmark of a person with a Machiavellian mind. Things like truth and objective fact don’t matter to them a lick — all they actually care about is forcing other people to dance physiologically at their command when they say… always with the goal of somehow entertaining while inflating their own self-aggrandizing egos.

Think Master of Puppets pulling the strings Metallica style — translation: angry, likely irrational, and deliberately profoundly undereducated people blurting hateful and menacing stuff constantly to and about other people in order to net gain that person’s physical attention by dominating their social biological physiology by attacking, aggressing, or gaslighting to upset them physically in a most distressing of psychologically and oftentimes career criminal-minded and openly socially manipulatively of ways.

For instance…

If they are a Somatic Narcissist they are likely to fixate on things like their own look, athletic or sexual prowess, how much money they have in comparison to other human beings, and they will do and say whatever ludicrous or deplorable thing they can daydream up to hurt, offend, and to besmirch people they target for social destruction for no reason other than they claim they are a rival.

By forming fixations on people who have genetic gifts and personal skill sets or looks and talents socially they don’t, the Dark Triad literally creates a living hell in their own mind. One where the people they despise and hope they can destroy become the people they spend the most time in life thinking about and striving to force to pay attention to them.

Once they have dehumanized a target, the target becomes prey. As in prey for them to obsess overdoing things like learning everything they possibly can about — not to understand them or to have a better perspective in life about how other people perceive things like social stimuli but specifically so they can do horribly criminal and immoral things to them.

Victims of Dark Triads are oftentimes horribly accused of being, doing, and thinking things they are not. The Dark Triad — confessing their own personal nature — will oftentimes go on long tirades accusing their social prey of being this and that.

What the Cluster B person (lacking neurological EQ to infuse with IQ to form a more accurate sensory and intelligent subjective based objective analysis and assessment of the world around them) does is project. And project. And project some more.

It’s by their projections about the world around them that people like Law Enforcement, Social Services professionals, and their own peer support network — once educated about the nature of socially competitive, vertical thinkers with comorbid ASPD, Malignant Narcissist, and Machiavellian social-climbing natures — that individuals they prey upon to ridicule, use, or to profoundly gaslight are able to hear and see their words and behavior choices with educated eyes.

Dark Triad insulting yet another target, group by stereotype, or former romantic interest of someone involved with them now — again? Same shipoopie, different millennia.

Dark Triads have been using dehumanization tactics to make their prey appear in their own eyes as less than other humans for one reason and one reason alone…

To provoke a chase.

They want you to feel emotions like pain, fear, humiliation, the crush of being betrayed by other kind but profoundly gaslit human beings believing a skilled social predator telling tall tales in order to alienate their target from any possible person willing to share fellowship with the victim of profound abuse and social neglect. They want to WATCH YOU SUFFER. They love seeing the people they envy writhing and suffering in pain.

If they can con a target into committing suicide to make the pain stop, they will. But if they can provoke a victim to meltdown in terror or complex emotional duress so they can laugh, point, and brag about how much fun they are having while watching themselves succeed in harming their rival with the help of people who in the eyes of any moral person should A) know better than to jump on a bandwagon to engage in mobbing without accurate facts and B) should be protecting the victim — not stabbing them in the metaphoric front or their back.

To provoke a chase.

The way a predator hunts something that it intends to eat for its meal. Only here’s the thing — humans are the only species that truly hunt prey for sport rather than to consume their “food”.

Dark Triads, a combination of people typically born with some sort of neurological condition that limits their physical ability to perceive or to process things like complex emotion and some sort of nurturing or mentoring of boundary absent NLP, are successful as Machiavellian actors depending on several variables.

Those who are exposed to education and develop a strong Cerebral Somatic Narcissist aspect to their nature are the doctors and psychiatrists who perform terrible experiments on living patients while asserting that they are authority figures with the right to treat other people like they are nothing but soulless creatures. Think RX plus hacksaws and mental health facilities that are staffed solely by caretakers who are profoundly anti-social and prone to doing things like lying in charts about patients or misdiagnosing due to their own arrogance, unwillingness to keep up with new science, and an insistence in fostering rather than eliminating Object Permanence Syndrome.

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Is it everyone else’s fault those individuals’ mothers were likely drunk during their conception? Or that their grandmothers all the way back to the start of time were — leading them to develop Cluster B personality types caused in great part by things like colorblindness or undiagnosed FAS?


But the nurtured Newtonian Syndrome thinkers — the people groomed from birth to embrace vertical thinking strategies and trained to socially compete for things like parent affection in homes grooming sibling rivalry, in sporting competitions the parents insist they participate in for social status adult bragging rights, or who fall for the academic con of competing for grades in academic social circles (rather than keeping the child-focused on personal growth and teaching them the benefit of approaching life and social project efforts collaboratively) — want everyone to believe the hype about their own branding they themselves spin.

In a Dark Triad’s mind, they want everyone to believe that whatever “alternative facts” they present to veil reality from people they seek to deceive socially and emotionally are actually REAL. Not “true” — they understand the difference between made-up claims and actual facts.

What the social deceiver wants is the victim as well as their support network’s SUBMISSION. As in great big capital letters submission.

As in the Dominator or the Dominatrix wants you to look right at the obvious truth and to lie to yourself and to other people on their behalf — telling tall tales and things like grossly abusive ad hominem attacks about other people, past event history, about the face of the divine, and they want you to know that you are lying to win their favor and to avoid being physically persecuted, shunned, or tortured yourself.

You see, Dark Triads want enablers to look at the sky and tell them back to their face as well as to other people that it’s whatever color that day that the social predator says. If it’s raining, they want you to swear up and down that they are in fact correct claiming against all fact-based reality that it’s sunny. If the sun comes out, chances are they are likely to rage and will force their Narcissistic Harem to pretend that it’s gray, no blue in the sky whatsoever, and clearly anyone who dares to say that they too do not see the torrential downpour the bully is claiming is happening deserves to be chased by raincoat-clad people charging them with pitchforks and tiki torches… and the occasional sun umbrella pulled from a patio table set and used like a jousting tool to socially menace and to aggress.

The Deceiver wants people to view their targets as deserving gross and socially violent forms of treatment.

They want people to listen to them when they name call others and to believe that whatever ugly thing that flies out of the abuser’s mouth or that they type is true. Not just true but that whatever smear campaign they launch to destabilize, to alienate, to isolate, to punish, to persecute, or “to make their preferred scapegoat or individual target suffer” statement they have made to sully the name and legacy file of the person they mark gets repeated endlessly, ad infinitem, to the point that any sensible target of such abuse either dies or physically is able to socially escape.

The Deceiver reveals their own social abuse tactics calling out their victims like they are subhumans.

First of all…

Who acts like they do — striving to make the world a horrible place for other people to live in?


Who looks at other people like they are social competition, implying some human beings are somehow better than others?


What does someone who lies to get what they want in life reveal about their core nature to people who are aware when they distort things fact-based evidence, makes up stories about people they don’t even know, and when they pretend to have knowledge about other people’s personal life and life history of things like personality shaping events when they were not even present and know absolutely nothing about the subjects they try to confuse people about?

There is only ONE TYPE of personality who uses socially and physically violent tactics in life to promote themselves at other people’s expense.

Dark Triads.

No other personality type sees the world around them colored in the Hobbesian – Judas – Lucifer archetypal hue that people who are 9th circle level hospitality betrayer’s do.

[Dante knew.]

Only people with Cluster B personality disorders tell lies to deliberately harm other people while seeking to earn social prestige or access to lifestyle improving items like cash and other fashionable Somatic Narcissist prized.

Only people with ASPD disorders related to Sociopathy will use credible threats to physically harm someone. And use coercive physical control and terrorization of a mark to groom Stockholm Syndrome complacency into a target.

Only people with ASPD disorders related to biological Psychopathy tend to develop issues like Obsessed Ex Syndrome — fixating as rejected suitors on whomever they perceive with their non-existent or profoundly handicapped functional EQ  to be their Narcissistic Rival… with or without that person ever needing to participate in their personal tension and boredom alleviating attention and control seeking and arguably criminal “demanding attention”, date rape mentality inspired, profoundly anti-social, life and health-destroying games.

Only people who are Sadists get a rush of pleasurable endorphins causing other people — dehumanized people — or things like pets, farm animals, and wildlife pain.

Only people with ASPD that has a biological component they likely inherited from a toxic parent are prone to enacting random acts of social and or physical violence for no other reason than they had a chance to do or to say something profoundly socially destructive, ill-tempered, or to menace.

By looking at everyone in their life for how they can use and deceive that person, they create armies of Enablers known in self-help social circles as Flying Monkeys.

Flying Monkeys and people who fill the Narcissistic Harem for a predator are not seen as ends. To the Cluster B person, other human beings are simply objects to own or to possess by physical or brute force.

They are far more dehumanized than even the people the blustery Social Predator claims their targets of actual overt abuse and neglect or those they target for social alienation end up feeling.

While it’s absolutely true that people who are the victim of someone with Obsessed Ex Syndrome — a disorder that is rooted in abject codependent thinking syndrome coupled with a nurtured component of the person never having been taught in their earliest years of toddler life to respect other people’s personal and physical boundaries and property rights or how to self-soothe properly instead of demanding to be entertained and the center of attention for everyone else 24/7, 365 — end up feeling like Sid’s Mutant Toys in the Pixar film “Toy Story”, what we are defies being captured intellectually and emotionally as objects.

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You see, the victim of a predatory person type who gets off “on the hunt” is typically the highest EQ person the predator knows of or about. They don’t know-know us… they can’t due to their own physical EQ and typically some form of IQ limitation.

The people who enable them they tend to know really well.

They know how many pieces of silver to offer them to do things like to buy their silence, to keep them functionally estranged or alienated from whomever they fear will be liked better than them, or to ensure someone who was situationally abused and is a material witness to a crime is never listened to, allowed to be treated humanely by others, or validated socially, lawfully, or treated well at any time.

The goal of most Machiavellian people is con artistry.

They want to use words to harm and their physical, sexual, or financial power to force other people to bow down to them in awe and fear.

They want to be feared and loved more than anything in the world — simultaneously. But, in the absence of being loved, being despised but treated as if they are all-powerful and entitled to non-stop special treatment at all times.

They want to be above the social, moral, divine, and spiritual law. And they proceed to act as if they already are.

Knowing that…

That the people who choose to buy into their social con are fully aware they are only using the Dark Triad as a means to their own personal and typically Collapsed Narcissist and or fear-mongering ends…

It is powerful if you let the concept really float into your mind and settle in the body.

People using predators to advance their social aims are individuals purchasable for a social, financial, or some form of emotional price. That means the “loyalty” and preferential social treatment they show predators while they act like social climbing Sycophants is nothing more than con artists telling lies back to a Nekkid Emperor — conning a con.

People who suck up to predators for things like money, inheritance, or to create in themselves or in public an appearance of social prestige are who and exactly what they are from the time they are born until the day they wake up (or until they die. By believing logical fallacy arguments about the nature of the world around them and being willing to harm or to exclude certain people from their lives and their personal communities in order to keep stronger social predators happy, they reveal a key medical fact about themselves as individuals.

Namely, that somewhere in their DNA history a mother unit was so socially and emotionally distraught at the thought of having sex with a man that she was likely to have drunk a bunch of alcohol to get herself through things like forcible rape by someone like a king or a husband she wed as part of an arranged marriage.

Do females drink alcohol to excess strictly to get through sexual encounters with men? Obviously not.

But the point we are trying to make is someone in likely every human bloodline, a female ingested alcohol that physically harmed the DNA of her own zygote, embryo, or the overall health and human biopsychology and unique anatomy of her fetus.

FAS — Fetal Alcohol Syndrome — is the condition biologically that tends to cause rampant Object Permanence Syndrome and related disorders in children. Those same children, generation after generation, have become grown adults who — lacking emotional intelligence and physically unable to intelligently comprehend that just because they don’t see someone in the room with them when they commit a crime that it does not mean their covert act did not count as a moral act of consequence or import.

The same people who think unless a child sexual abuse victim elects to report the crime to authorities at the time that abuse happened that the child as a youth or adult is not psychologically or medically deserving of treatment to process whatever actually happened.

Or the Abuser who claims that because their domestic or sexual assault victim chose not to prosecute them legally in order to physically avoid being forced to interact with or to communicate with that person further it means not only did the crime not matter but that the abuse victim should be denied all forms of social support, mental health services, humane compassion, or to be treated in a humane social or medical form whatsoever.

The typical Dark Triad demand when a victim comes forward to blow the whistle on the Abuser and to seek social and medical relief from persecution and inhumane forms of profound neglect and mistreatment is for everyone to believe that the person they have gone out of the way time and time again to humiliate and to harm be treated like they are completely inhuman.

The victim will be called a liar.

They will be called crazy.

They will be accused of having massive personality disorders and mental illnesses they do not have, have never had, and don’t meet DSM5 diagnostic criteria for whatsoever.

They will be lied to.

They will be lied about.

They will be socially taunted, ridiculed, shamed, humiliated, and publicly betrayed by people who they chose to trust who were never a day in their natural-born lives people who were trustworthy or a person who ever loved or liked them.

They (the victim of pervasive and profound Narcissistic Abuse and neglect) will be told that they are not entitled to be treated in a humane manner by anyone — let alone by family and “friends” who are disgruntled because their sheep refuses to bleat further to amuse them.

There’s no kosher assassination of a person’s identity. There’s only who the person actually is in real life in the eyes of any sentient God (taking Pascal’s wager an interested in us, moral judging and evaluating deity exists). There are only people who are who and what they say they are and people who gaslight and lie to con non-predators and lesser Beta predators into believing an Alpha Predator is a person who is who and what they pretend to be in public and in private.

If you are being tortured socially and emotionally by a Dark Triad using the taunting of you to keep themselves feeling like they are never alone, hear their words as a desperate and truly pathetic cry for attention. What their rage and scheming means is that the people in their life who are pretending to like them, to want to spend time with them, and that they are a friend are not doing their job as loyal Enablers.

People who are Cluster B and Histrionic tend to have the most faithful devotees. People who come when they are called like a dog whenever the attention-seeking predator bellows.

If the Dark Triad is surrounded at all times by people who would notice if they do something criminal or to taunt, damage, or to bait and provoke others… people who are at least as high or higher of an IQ (rather than EQ) are likely to quite simply not be able to unsee or to unknow that something is amiss with the Alpha aspiring person’s behavior.

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Love Bombing a common Love Fraud tactic used by Sociopaths

The Narcissistic Harem — once they find out their leader’s weakness — are likely to turn on that person later in life the very same way the Hyenas in the Disney movie and theater production of “The Lion King” did when he met his end.

You see…

A true Alpha is not obsessed with social competition.

Why — if they were truly better than everyone else — would they be?

That’s not a challenge.

Being human. There’s where all the excitement is at on the individual as well as on the evolutionary home front.

It’s a proven and continually provable MEDICAL fact that people with reduced empathy for others and vertical thinking personality types are at a disadvantage from a social as well as evolutionary perspective.

Perhaps that’s why they try so hard to trick people into fearing and harming people with healthy EQ and high IQ — because when they look at us we remind them of their own functional obsolescence.

Use the brain and body you were born with to do research about what things like Object Permanence Syndrome and things like Cluster B personality types are in order to make sense of their behavior in order to depersonalize the mistreatment.

People who lack the neurological ability to have faith that when mom goes into the kitchen to make a phone call in the other room while we sit in our playpens camped out in front of the television in the den that she is still very much so the same person who was in the room with us just a few minutes ago and that she did not somehow magically cease to exist or to matter because she was physically out of our biological line of perceptible sight are in bad genetic shape.

They are also the most obsessed with concepts of social competition and lack.

Feel sorry for them. Not “oh those poor creatures let me welcome them into my home and into my bed because I feel sorry for them and want to make their world a better experience for them” typical kind of response people with healthy neurological ability but who have been profoundly groomed to Enable predators tends to by nature on impulsive reverse projection to socially as well as to emotionally proffer.

Feel sorry for them for missing out on the opportunity to get to know other human beings in their life and their personal biology as ends in any of themselves with worth.

That is the joy of being a high EQ person — feeling connected to and wholly respectful of others. Cluster B people with boundary issues never learn how to differentiate themselves in their minds physically from other people.

Parents who fail to teach toddlers that it’s not okay to touch other people’s stuff or to force themselves on others like date rapists or social terrorists create adult human beings who do things like only want what OTHER people have. They create people who get off psychologically and emotionally on bullying people into including them in private conversations or who fixate on things like how to destroy other human beings’ social affection for one another and their relationships.

They raise people who think if they see something it’s theirs.

There is nothing more civically, physically, or socially repulsive than an adult who acts like a toddler walking around grabbing other people’s stuff while yelling something energetically akin to, “Mine! Mine! Mine!” until they get what they want.

Once an intelligent person — with or without high EQ — sees the parallel…

Coach Red in the Adam Sandler movie “Waterboy” tends (in the eyes of his victims and people targeted for the abuser to lie to and to perversely use) to appear as nothing more sinister than a big bobblehead baby. One completely dependent on the social attention of other people to keep their behavior physically and functionally in line at all times.

Left alone they lash out covertly and overtly at random targets to make themselves feel somehow in control, interesting, and socially relevant.

Realize they are showing their base level of humanity to impress only people who aspire to be more rather than functionally and medically (socially) like them.

Then figure it out that they are not a cat.

But more importantly, reconsider how you posture and hold yourself in response to their taunts. By learning how to go gray rock and to depersonalize their hurtful actions, deed, and deliberate Machiavellian choice of false words, one can learn how to close our own porous boundaries as prospective snacks for emotional vampires.

As such, if one does happen to catch a glimpse of you in their line of sight and they approach…

No reaction on our part to things like baiting and provoking taunts, jeers, and blurts other than to acknowledge that person’s wholly subjective opinion is what it is is the way to make it through to the light at the end of the tunnel. Have faith your own intellect and the truth about what life and you, yourself, are actually like is already known to people neurologically capable of handling fact-based reality.

And know this…

You are not a commodity to be traded or treated as if you have a net worth.

In a professional marketplace selling your manual labor or intellectual property efforts — yes.

But in actual reality — not reality defined or hijacked by ancestral people who drank alcohol instead of using it like a chemical solvent or actual fuel source because it helped them to cope socially with people they did not really like or enjoy being around and ended up giving their kids FAS — you are an ends, never simply a “means”.

Do some serious self-reflecting and mirror work. Ask yourself face to face in the mirror if you are human and eligible under international law to physically claim legal rights. If your Inner Critic says, “No!” understand your family and peer circles that you have chosen to associate with are taking profound advantage of your likely Autism Spectrum disorder, your trust, and or every form of your personal, spiritual, and professional life.

It’s up to you and to you alone to figure out who groomed you to enable your own socially mistreatment and complex abuse. It’s up to you to educate yourself about how they did it, to figure out which lines of bad code they programmed into your NLP as a child, and to validate yourself.

Take this in: once a predator can trick you into believing something false or inaccurate about yourself or another, they have a rush of physical endorphins — they feel pleasure.

If you realize what they lied to you about or tricked you into believing — and you start to see their lie as revealing things like what that person themselves is likely to fear or to be personally insecure in their own life, mind, and body about themselves… then everything they say becomes a reveal of their skill set picking other people apart, finding commonality, and blurting whatever it is they secretly think YOU are likely to fear or to be ashamed of because whatever insult they hurl is accidentally discussing themselves.

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