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Deception by Doublespeak a Dark Triad tactic used to abuse Hospitality

Deception using Doublespeak to mislead other humans into taking verbal bait and self-harming is one of the most commonly deployed verbal abuse tactics on the planet. Whether someone is two years old lying about whether or not they took cookies out of a jar and ate them without permission or they are 70 plus years-old and choosing to behave like a Villain matters less than the fact of their behavioral intent. 

People who have the presence of mind to do things like attempt to lie, to mislead others, or to con reveal very specific core values in their own NLP that are typically caused by things like repressed emotional or sensory processing capacity. When the mind is unable to process complex emotional data and social exposure in a healthy manner, it tends to develop an IQ that is compromised socially and architecturally due to the errant or lacking EQ (meaning Emotional Intelligence) sensory function. 

Imagine this — your hardwired neuropsychology is misfiring. When you are alone in the woods and you come upon a group of peace-loving and collaborative Hippies camping, you mistake their group for a band of menacing individuals.

Paranoia in the form of old fashioned Xenophobia causes you to approach the group by default as if they are truly the fierce threat the person with the compromised, socially competitive, vertical thinking limited and profoundly handicapped by Object Permanence Syndrome sensory delusions projects.

Are their fears rooted in reality in this case — in a case where we already know heading in from an overview perspective that there is no question… the Hippie faction are collaborative by neurological nature, typically on the Autism spectrum for HSP and or for Empathy skill sets rooted in the biological function of their DNA and NLP, and they are known for making things like Stone Soup in order to ensure win-win social support situations consistently happen for not only themselves but for everyone else. 

If the person suffering from the Cluster B temperament does something like to Smear Campaign against the Hippies or to insult them, are they responsible to interact with that person? Are they responsible to pretend someone lying or who is clearly not comprehending or accepting reality as is has a valid subjective opinion to share that should supplant human intelligence perceptions that are rooted in sane personal behavior and perceived by involved parties as rational? 

Are they responsible to personalize ad hominem attacks such as when the Social Predator misconceiving them as pack animals like themselves starts hurling projections claiming that the person who they fear or they loathe is something they are not and claiming with authority over their subjective personal lives and reality that they are actually bad people who are hell-bent on attacking, disadvantaging socially, and harming everyone other than themselves? Should society take their loud blurts claiming other humans with no neuropsychology predisposition to lie that they are actually not what they appear to be — namely kind and socially trustworthy people — seriously and as if their word is to be believed rather than all forms of medically and fact-based provable reality? 

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The answer you choose tends to depend on your NLP and what you have been groomed to think by your family as much or more so than your culture. You — you… You are the ultimate authority and expert on YOU. 

The most common intellectual malady caused by Cluster B personality dysfunction is first codependent mindset but second a willingness to embrace the use of Logical Fallacy arguments in their mindset and NLP formulation pathways as if they are true. If you make an appeal to authority outside yourself about what your subjective emotions and intentions are in life, you grant people likely to abuse social power a type of opportunity to pretend that on your mind, life and heart they are the only valid or expert authority. 

A person who first tricks others into treating them as if invalid words or Doublespeak misappropriation of speech are true things and that they are some kind of an authoritative source on the subject is extremely Machiavellian. Not in a way that flatters the memory of Machiavelli as one of the world’s premier Forensic Historians who focused quite smartly on the discussion of Social Psychology while giving concrete examples from history and from Folkloristics academic disciplines to explain. 

Machiavelli noted certain people — arguably the bulk of people in his time — are transactional by nature. He called them “Fickle”; we make the academic suggestion the individuals he described were groomed to embrace things like the idea of social competition over collaboration because they were groomed by their own elders and religious thinkers of the time to simply look outside themselves for all links to anything essentially socially divine. 

Doublespeak is a psychological manipulation tactic where essentially the Platonic Form of a word or the stipulative use of a word that has been uttered or coupled in context with social communication is in and of itself, as an entity with vibration and essence, converted from a communication tool to a weapon. 

People who employ the tactic of Doublespeak to control conversations are doing just that — using a conversational control tactic used in debates, business settings involving sales, or in their personal lives to basically mislead and to distract their targeted audience from staying involved with conversations that are actually pro-social and are about reality. 

Doublespeak Purveyors often use a mix of lies, half-truths, Doublespeak misrepresentations of the spirit of a phrase or the communicator’s intent when they shared a remark to “win” conversations by frustrating, confusing, and psychologically essentially battering and barraging a target. Gaslighting is their method of communicating, using words to harm themselves and other people whenever the Cluster B person has the whim to do it. 

Self-promotion Doublespeak Purveyors claim is why they are willing to con and to deceive other humans beings to get what they want. The most Psychopathic among Dark Triads and people who exhibited Oppositional Defiant Disorder traits during their youth tend, however, to become Contrarian as adults just to net gain themselves a feeling of social power and relevance. 

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Understanding that relevance socially — to a Cluster B person — is going to depend (in definition) related strictly to their core values and core nature perception of things like whether the world is as Rousseau described (filled with Noble Savages) or Hobbesian. 

A person who is Narcissistic is nurtured typically to embrace some form of Somatic Narcissism or Cerebral Narcissism. Covert Narcissism is likely to theme through their life, fanning flames of Collapsed Narcissism in their minds. 

A person who is BPD sees someone paying attention to them as them winning. Literally, they cannot stand not being the center of attention and demand whatever whim they have to be sated immediately by others to prove our affection for the person who acts like an unruly 18-month-old child grabbing at things in a supermarket, screaming mad when and if their caregivers either won’t let them out of the shopping cart to run around or to have whatever it is that they strive to or successfully without permission grab. 

ASPD people who ended up that way because they were born with sensory depression tend to have flatline emotions. Sometimes that boredom of senses causes a person who occasionally rages or who engages in bloodlusting socially to literally give themselves some sense of emotional connection to the world.

If you personalize they seek to abuse because it is about you, understand your own reverse projection thinking you are important to someone on the ASPD scale is causing you to misperceive they are blathering and stomping around like angry warthogs for some reason other than that day or time is the moment their neurobiology decides, “Okay we’re going to manufacture chaos to alleviate physical tension and intellectual boredom today”. 

The Psychopath wants the dramatic flair. It is more fun for them with people they target to be confused, triangulated, and melting down where they, as Sadistic Voyeurs, can watch. 

The Sociopath wants no new news, no new information, and no social surprises. They want to control their world — including people and the environment. Think long-distance truck drivers with a situationally unpredictable to time but predictable types of events causing triggered and socially dangerous, impulsive, erratic road rage demeanor. 

The Histrionic wants to suck literally all of the oxygen out of any room full of people they enter. If they are mild Histrionics, understand life with our around them is 24/7 typically 364 days per year of them behaving as if every social interaction they have is a form of community theater. 

Expect Narcissists to gaslight to try to impress other people. Expect those with BPD (meaning Borderline Personality Disorder) to gaslight to trick as many people as they can into allowing the BPD person to monopolize our time, emotions, and minds.

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The Histrionic one can typically take socially on in measured doses — and they know they are over the top. Doublespeak tactics they are known for DEPLOYING to frustrate their “audience” — meaning they will pretend someone means something they clearly do not and they will react with excessive emotion as if the gaslighting verbal Platonic Form swindle they are pulling off like a con is actually real in order to net gain control of their targeted people’s or targeted preferred Scapegoat’s attention. 

Doublespeak deployed by any human against another in conversation is socially as well as (to everyone involved) medically destructive. The person who abuses other people’s time and emotions using words to deceive logic causes C-PTSD and social confusion in the target and frozen neuroplasticity coupled with a likely addiction to the release of toxic neurochemicals formed in the mind of the Hospitality Abuser. 

Doublespeak is the name of a painting by Jerry Hardesty. It’s also a psychology term for misappropriating the meaning of any keyword or phrase. And a Doublespeak Purveyor or Dark Triad is likely to try to trick you during a conversation into conflating the meaning of the term you are using if and when you refer to the word Doublespeak in a paragraph or sentence. 

The simple answer to how to stop the cycle of abuse is to note if and when someone first strives to mislead you using conflated keywords and phrases to keep the topic of conversation confused and listeners or readers triangulated. Waiting until they have been caught misleading and abusing your hospitality for three times in a row is a ridiculous habit Abusers convinced their Enablers to choose to place themselves and their disaffected social network of more kind and honorable collaborative support network through. 

The way to stop a Gaslighter using Doublespeak to abuse other people’s time and human rights is to identify they are Cluster B and to limit their social sphere of influence in such a way they attempt to harm their targets and preferred scapegoats is functionally interrupted. 

If a person tries to control a conversation by taking points off-topic — pretending you or someone else used a word or phrase in a specific context that you or they quite mindfully, deliberately, and specifically did not… 

Call them out for the misconception of other people’s wholly subjective intent and any misuse of emotionally intelligent speech or other forms of graphic communication on the spot. Out them without hesitation to themselves alone discreetly if possible unless they are choosing to make themselves and you and your discussion into a public joust and you into some kind of social abuse target and spectacle. 

Most people with an IQ over 100 don’t like being made to look like they are overtly lying when they are socially manipulating. They like even less when you make them acutely aware that their intellectual grasp of any subject academically or emotionally is flawed or openly surface level and faulty. 





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