Open Letter from Anonymous Women
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An open letter from Abuse Advocates to all Abusers and Abuse Enablers

The following “Open letter from Abuse Advocates to all Abusers and Abuse Enablers” was shared with our team in response to the civic social crisis known as the election debacle of 2016.

The CLUSTER B nation has risen using a blend of old-fashioned grassroots marketing, gaslighting, and smear campaigning coupled with a heavy push to POISON THE WELL about the true nature and social worth of human beings with high EQ who happen to be humanitarians.

This is their story. This is HIS story, sons of abusive, egocentric, and narcissistic mothers. This is HER story, daughters of MOMMY DEAREST mothers and Enabling Henchmen fathers.

This is all our stories… of learning how to be a kind human being in a cold, cruel, lonely world filled with people who are prone to abuse others.

This is EVERY Narcissistic Abuse recovery advocate’s story around the globe, noting that education — coupled with setting and enforcing healthy lifestyle boundaries without hesitation coupled with a flat refusal to keep enabling our own toxic friends and abusive family members — is truly a key to Narcissistic Abuse recovery.

Challenge to repost LOVINGLY accepted.

We GROK… and applaud your decision to respond to abuse by electing to help minister to others in true need, rather than harm.

Kindest regards, dear readers, and as always — thank you, faithful reader(s), for sharing. With each post share and like, you validate caring.

The Staff and Management team of — a Narcissistic Abuse recovery website safe for EVERYONE to read who needs it… except for the people who are being abused by stronger predators while they actively abuse human beings they themselves loathe and perceive as “lessers”.

So, friends of mine posted something asking what are we exactly scared of.

They mentioned that everything that’s been happening has already been happening.

They’ve pointed out we need to reevaluate our own selves, and that maybe we are too scared or maybe a little too easily offended.

That maybe we need to quit being scared, crying around offended by everything, and need to step up and do our part as an American and a human being.

Treat others respect, raise our children right, and contribute to society.

Well, here is my response.

What we fear is none of what you have said.

Our fear is much greater than any of those things.

And that fear? The fear that some of you have become tolerant of things that should never be accepted like ‘hate,’ ‘sexism,’ and ‘discrimination.’ It’s the fear that the good have all of a sudden become the lost.

True, you are not hateful or discriminatory, but yet, you failed to acknowledge the stances of politicians and their statements made certain kinds of hate and discrimination somehow ‘socially acceptable.’

How is that? How could you not realize that?

When you looked at the ballot and said, “It’s the best of two evils,” did you not realize it is still evil?

Did you celebrate without recognizing the consequences? Do you dare try to tell someone to quit being scared without realizing you are accountable for their fear?


Because you made a choice of ‘the lesser evil.’

We warned you of an inevitable storm, and yet, you chose a route not realizing its consequences.

You wanted one thing so much you did not evaluate the cost to this country.

You said things like, “I want to protect the sanctity of life,” and never realized to do so meant to also say, “even if it means disrespecting and threatening the lives of my brothers and sisters that are already living.”

You said, “We are too scared or offended too easily,” and never even noticed you were saying, “It is ok to say offensive things to others because they don’t offend me.”

You would rather tell us to deal with it. Ok. Well guess what? We will deal with it.

It starts now, and it starts with you.

We will no longer tolerate your behavior towards us.

Your lack of empathy is no longer necessary in our world because we realize you are part of the problem. Your inability to even recognize a racist comment is no longer accepted.

Your tolerance of sexism is not wanted. Not by us, and 100% not by me. If you can’t handle the truth, you need to find another friend because we are not them.

We will be courageous.

We will be intolerant of your inability to find any hint of racism, sexism, homophobia, or anything else remotely discriminatory as acceptable.

We are not offended by everything, and there are some things you (YES YOU) need to be offended by. We will be loving towards you. If you are open minded, we will be tolerant of you.

We will pray for you, and if you are against us, we will persevere in spite of you. But if you believe any form of discrimination, in words or deeds, is acceptable, we do not accept you, and in the words of the late John Wooden, “I will miss you.”

We will miss you.

We believed you saw an America that our forefathers saw. The one that said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Apparently, you failed us.

YOU failed us.

You failed ALL of us.

But more importantly, you failed every generation of kind American, of fighters for freedom and liberty and truth and justice and the right to live life as we see fit feeling safe, protected, valued as American citizens and humans.

You despise humanitarians and our values. You ridicule emotional intelligence, acadenic insight, the value of complex human emotions that lead to our ability to create works of literature, to develop new scientific theories, to create medical advances, and to help human cultures all over the world to thrive due to our social and scientific humane civic efforts vollunteering, inventing, discovering, and producing.

We have heard your messaage loud and clear. You don’t believe in science — yet you run to a hospital with every sniffle.

You don’t believe in the value of a proper education, yet you clamor for an insist the State and Federal government programs provide you with free daycare you call PUBLIC SCHOOL.

Then you insult and refuse to support teachers.

You profess to hate any socialist programs… while you walk to your mailbox everyday to benefit.

And you have clamored for Social Security benefits from the United States government for years for the sole benefit of the “Greatest Generation”. In the coming four years, those proviledges are going to be privatized for Baby Boomers, just as your age bracket heads into your “GOLDEN CHILD YEARS”.

The Gen X, Gen Y, and Millenial children you are going to inevitably rely on caring for you physically and financially over the course of the next 30 years will be your caretakers.

If you raised us to be loving, caring, empathic human beings unmotivated by things like greed and avarice, we will. If you failed to do your job as parents, generationally speaking — and place our own children and grandchildren in harm’s way now so you can compete to see who dies with the most money in your own wallets and retirement savings accounts?

We’re happy to let you figure out all those consequences and outcomes for yourselves.

While we were afraid of the Pandora’s Box you’ve chosen to open, don’t you dare think we are running scared.

We’re pissed off!

The fact you would insult us as if we are children only strengthens our resolve.

How about you become an adult and try understanding instead of chastising!

We don’t need you telling us to get over it. But since you felt the need to tell us, here is what we need from you. Nothing. Those who represent our God, family, friends and supporters are all that we have ever needed.

You will need everything you can to hold us down.

But the truth is it won’t be enough.

We don’t need a President.

You do to protect yourselves from us – people filled with God’s love and determination to ensure something like this never . . . and we mean NEVER happens again.

Now . . . Let me dare you to be great and copy and post this.


Because without Abusers and toxic thinkers who jump on a bandwagon to win social favor with predators having the ability to tap into our emotional resource banks, the world becomes a much different place.

To the men, women, an children suffering in anguish over the gross behavior of those who self-promote their own personal interests with the intention of hurting others rather than being humans stiving to create win-win situations, we would like to give you a gift.

You no longer are OBLIGATED to do things like help. To donate free manual labor in your own family and social network.

The next time someone you KNOW is egocentric and prone to situationally being abusive or verbally assaulting others, simply be busy.

It’s the only truly proper and moral choice to show you have unconditional love and respect for those who have narcissistic or anti-social personality disorders… letting them life the humanitarian-free lifestyle they want.

Let them ask another Cluster B person for help.

Teach your own children and grandchildren the value of kindness. Role model empathy but NOT without recipricity.

Ohana means family, yes… but in order to benefit from the practice, one must first practice giving it. That’s the true lesson missed by takers — that in order to have a friend or feel socially supported by kind people worldwide, one must first learn to value and show daily appreciation for them.

Permission granted to start “phoning it in”, kind readers. There’s a better sandbox for you to call home… right here with like minded, kind-natured, men, women, and children of good will.

We are Anonymous supporters of people who believe in the pro-social benefit of doing good deeds.

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“We’re all who we decide to be. Choose WISELY.” — Anonymous Jones, lifetime Narcissistic Abuse Recovery advocate



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