Cluster B personality traits
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Fast facts about how to spot people with Cluster B personality types

There are many kinds of personality disorders.  Here is a list of fast facts about people who are violent, malevolent, or socially aggressive.

The focus of discussion on centers on examining the forensic psychology and behavior patterns of what is known as Cluster B personality types.

Cluster B people are known for having unique, socially competitive, egocentric personality types.  Prone to creating extreme social duress for others while they indulge their desires to self-promote or aggress, they are typically referred to as evil, immoral, or deplorable people in literature dating back to the earliest known carvings, pictorials, and manuscripts.

Folks with ASPDPsychopath tendencies are the most likely to be violent for personal pleasure.

ASPD – Sociopaths will harm but in order to control, rather than to delight in the physical act of harming another.

Narcopaths come in two varieties.

The Narcissistic Sociopath has a large ego and tends to be brutally hyper-controlling, suffering from delusions of grandeur that lead them to behave pervasively like domestic despots and/or workplace dictators.

The Narcissistic Psychopath tends to have a massive ego, presents as extremely bawdy and grandiose, and takes great pleasure in appearing to be larger than life.

Overt Narcopaths who have violent tendencies by nature or due to trauma exposure-related, desensitization, and/or “rage” nurture tend to behave like consummate bullies.

Not sure if you know or have ever met at Narcopath in real life? Consider the following personality types:

  • The monster under the bed, the horrible bosses,
  • the corporate raiders,
  • the crooked cop,
  • the sadistic doctor or mean-spirited deliberately neglectful nurse
  • the lawyer who teaches his or her clients to skirt the spirit of the law by following the letter and misinterpreting the meaning of terms deliberately,
  • the used car salesman who knowingly sells a customer a lemon,
  • the Wall Street Banker who lacks a conscience, people who help a parent avoid paying child support for their own offspring,
  • Freemasons who help terrorize and bully the abused spouse of a violent member,
  • the pastor who preaches all things Godly at church on Sunday but beats their wife and children  in secret on Monday,
  • the married business professional who brags in speeches about their spouse but has secret affairs with sex trade workers and secretaries while convincing their spouse their concerns are imaginary,
  • the corrupt politician turned career criminal racketeer,
  • the person who drives drunk (risking their own life,
  • the religious zealot who believes in their right to socially harm others,
  • the life of their passengers, and the life of every person and creature they drive past or encounter with their weaponized vehicle.
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Malignant Narcissists tend to be SOCIALLY malevolent, getting more obsessed with trophy collecting as they age. They are the most likely NPD type to engage in Sadism for fun and sport when bloodlust takes over their addiction brain center.

NPD people are liars and will strive to undermine their rivals… but they tend to use words and acts of passive aggression to vex and harm their intended targets.

People with BPD use rage to get their way the same way a spoiled toddler might pitch a fit knowing if they do a toxic parent will give them gifts in order to avoid having to deal with them.

HPD people are overly dramatic, tending to seek the spotlight by behaving in ways that are over the top when it comes to them needing attention.

People with co-morbid conditions meet diagnostic criteria pervasively, meaning regardless of provoking events, for more than one personality type.

The most extreme Cluster B people tend to exhibit all the traits of two or more of the aforementioned conditions, but they behave in ways that are extremely calculating, dishonest to the point of cruelty and offending rational thinker’s intellect, and that net gain them extreme amounts of unjustly earned social power and personal influence.

Dark Triad parent tends to rule the house with an iron fist. They tend to be well-respected, publicly charismatic, and persuasive speakers who pretend to be one sort of person in public but anyone who lives with them tends to greatly fear them as well as to personally know better.

A Dark Triad boss keeps every employee in their organization walking on eggshells, feeling abused and taken advantage of, underutilizes pro-social talent in favor of promoting sycophants to train to be conformists and to abuse by proxy, and they tend to refuse to hire anyone they fear will be liked more by others or who they suspect might be smarter than them.

A Dark Triad politician tells constituents one thing, promises voters the moon, then makes backroom deals to line their own pockets with wealth while sticking it to anyone who chose to believe their campaign rhetoric.

The art of the Megalomaniac Dark Triad’s deal relies on them believing that conning, to position themselves in a position of advantage while knowingly disadvantaging others, cheating, stealing, duping a mate, misusing courts to file frivolous lawsuits to bully, lying under oath, gaslighting, misleading and using friends and family, successfully smear campaigning against innocent rivals in order to destroy their social credibility or to cripple them personally and financially, avoiding accountability for willful actions,  obfuscating truths, collaborating with career criminals without being caught, and escaping legal justice makes them winners.

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High finance professionals like a Bernie Madoff tend to typify the socialized Psychopath who enjoys gaslighting and conning while self-promoting. Their lack of conscience allows them to lie without people noticing the common tells, as their neuropsychology feels zero guilt. They tend to take physical pleasure in behaving poorly, with getting away with situational abuse of others being their most emotionally rewarding “winning’ activity.

All Cluster B personality types are vertical thinkers, believing that in order to win, humans beings must socially compete. They cannot stand the thought of there not being a loser, and they strive to avoid any collaborative efforts that create win-win situations for that very reason.

If you feel vexed by a vertical thinker’s behavior — don’t worry. YOU SHOULD.

Lacking emotional intelligence and the ability to process thought coupled with a full range of emotion, toxic personality types prone to engaging in overt or covert abusive behaviors fail to grasp the concept of the word WINNING (as it applies to social spheres) has nothing to do with somebody losing.  If their concept of being a success troubles you, trust your instincts.

People who are successful in life tend to respect others, to strive for mutual success when working in groups, and value interactions with other people for the sake of the relationship itself.

Seeking a reciprocal exchange of communication, successful people strive to understand others while seeking themselves to simultaneously or concurrently be understood. The vertical thinker places zero social or emotional value on the act of personally or physically interacting with others.

Seeing other human beings as tools to be exploited or enemies to destroy, the Cluster B person misses the point of being a human. Viewing people as possessions acquire and own or viewing them as useful Narcissistic Supply sources only, they tend to utilize psychological manipulation tactics to win so-called friends and to influence folks the personality disorders type tends to refer to in their own mind as sheeple.

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