Stall tactics are Machiavellian but not necessarily Anti-Social
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Machiavellian Stall Tactics for pro-social reasons should not be conflated with Anti-Social behavior

Stall tactics — also known as Distraction Tactics — are a Machiavellian strategy. Deployed to harm,  it’s obvious that it is the destructive interruption of someone’s time in order to produce a negative result for the targeted mark. Used for pro-social reasons, someone might use a stall tactic to ease (rather than to heighten) someone’s …

Avoid alienating your child from their co-parent during a High Conflict Divorce
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How to avoid alienating your child from their co-parent during a High Conflict Divorce

Surviving High Conflict Divorce without alienating your child from their co-parent. It’s the task and challenge at hand for non-Cluster B people who have been targeted for pervasive social, emotional, spiritual, and likely financial abuse by a socially competitive and likely irrational and profoundly disgruntled “rejected suitor” of an ex. Once in a while over …

Why Pathological Liars and Enablers seek to triangulate other people?
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Why Pathological Liars and Enablers seek to triangulate

Pathological Liars and Enablers seek to triangulate other humans. It is actual covert social and physical abuse of everyone’s hospitality. Pathological liars tend to be experts at gaslighting. They lie to and about other people in order to strategically manipulate with the hopes of gaining social advantage. Why do they do it? To obscure the …

How to survive an extreme weather event trapped in a house with an Abusive Person or obnoxious kids
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When the weather outside (as well as inside) is frightful

If you are a person who strives to avoid spending time with your closest family members at all costs in order to avoid family fights and stress, news about extreme weather events like large-scale flooding, hurricanes, and snow storms on the horizon are likely to give you pause that requires a physical heebie-jeebie style shudder …

Why do toxic people repeat lies and known gaslighting claims over and over?
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Repeating lies and gaslighting ad infinitum is a socially competitive brainwashing tactic

Why do toxic people repeat lies, smear campaigning remarks, ad hominem attacks, and false assertions over and over? Listen up because we are about to tell you the answer you wish everyone has told you the first time you asked… more than likely when you were only two, three, or four years old and became …

Emotional Abuse signs and symptoms
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How to identify Emotional Abuse if you were groomed to enable Social Predators

Ever wonder if you are being too sensitive or controlling because someone who treated you poorly and abused your hospitality said that you were after they harmed you on purpose or knowingly? You are the victim of a gaslighting social predator, one prone to emotionally and socially mistreating other people. Emotional abuse is common in …

Dehumanization of Narcissistic Abuse Victims is a tactic
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Dehumanization of Whistleblowers and Scapegoats common Narcissistic Abuse tactics

Dehumanization of Whistleblowers and Scapegoats is common in Machiavellian minds. They dehumanize victims to make their target and prospective abuse by proxy marks believe that the person they strive to devalue is not only deserving of abuse but should never under any social circumstance be treated as if they deserve humane social treatment, anything resembling …

Gaslighting and Lying
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Repeating a lie does not make Gaslighting true

Repeating a lie does not make Gaslighting true. Repeating a falsehood louder or more frequently does not magically change reality or the universe. What it does is socially and emotionally brutalize anyone exposed to the gist of the Social Predator. Vladimir Lenin was famous for saying, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” He …

Histrionic personality disorder
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Signs and symptoms of Histrionic Personality Disorder

Histrionic Personality Disorder is the name of the personality type that always leaves the person with it pretending they are acting on a high drama stage. HPD, the nickname for Histrionic Personality Disorder, presents itself as a behavior pattern where whoever has it seems to lack the ability to control their emotions. Many signs of …

Caulk Blockers Smear Campaigning Tampering With Witnesses
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Smear Campaigning against victims of social crime is witness tampering

Victims of social crime or violent sexual assault are the most common types of people that those who abuse launch smear campaigns against. But it’s the people who carry on talking about the victim who are the real social predators — nothing more than Sadistic Voyeurs who act like hyenas while scavenger style picking apart …